Arms – Christina Perri – Accidentally Allison

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A lot can be said about the effects music has on Mental Health. Music has been so integrated into my life as an “accompaniment” to my mood, I thought it a great idea to start off with music from people that have been through the same. Allison has agreed to sing for me, and yes, she is amazing!

This is the first in a series of “Music for the Soul” songs that will appear on my site from Allison, who runs the blog, Accidentally Allison. If you haven’t seen it yet I urge you check it out. I’m just sorry that I couldn’t find a way to embed this video on my site. I tried and tried and tried. Hopefully eventually, I’ll find a way. But not to worry, the click onto star maker will be worth it!

Arms – Christina Perri

Allison does a fantastic cover of this song. One of the best I’ve heard from her. She tells me that this song is really important to her because all through her life she viewed hugging as a very personal and intimate act. Unlike others, she just couldn’t hug anyone. Apart from this one person. It took her a long time to be able to accept hugs, and, this is why this song touches her heart. As you can tell by the way she sings it.

So without further ado,

I give you,

Allisons debut on my site.


To view today’s video please click here

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