Brock you give us a bad name

Brock you give us a bad name

I always sit on the sidelines with this one. I sit and I cheer as I watch my women friends rise up and stand against the injustices in this world. Particularly rape. I’ve never stood up before because I have no idea how it would feel to be a woman and have your sanctity violated in such a personal level. I won’t pretend to understand it, I just won’t. Because I can’t. I see the sexual abuse survivors and watch as they write such powerful words on the screen that dance in front of my eyes before wrapping them around my heart and squeezing it. Squeezing it so hard that I begin to stifle a cry.

Yes, you. Brock. Men like you are the single most reason why I have difficulties connecting with my gender. You take everything, and yet you give absolutely nothing back to this life. You sit there on your privileged throne of masculinity and wealth and feel that the world owes you a favour. You clearly showed this when your father released a statement damning your victim’s actions as destroying your fruitful career. And your lawyers and your throne of wealth that (in my mind) paid off that judge to give you such a lenient sentence. I despise that it was deemed you would be at risk were you to be incarcerated fully, and for longer. To me, you shouldn’t have had that privilege. Your privilege along with your life should have been stripped away the moment you put your penis anywhere near that unconscious girl’s vagina. I thank Christ there were men nearby to stop you. I’m glad there was intervention. Because if they weren’t there I suspect you would have got away with everything.

I was raped. But I can’t remember a thing.

I don’t even know if it was true.

But do you know what the thought of what had happened to me did to me on a personal level? Here. I’ll tell you. After two suicide attempts and about ten years of giving up, not giving a shit, I finally pulled it together. But I’m a strong willed man. I have learned from a very young age that if I climb mountains I will be rewarded for the effort. And even that wasn’t enough to coax me out of clinical depression and a life of just not wanting to be alive. I survived, though. Others, aren’t so lucky.

So when I read your victim’s story and message to you, my heart bleeds for her. For I know that the turmoil she must be going through right now is going to be life changing. On an unexplainable level. She’s going to hurt, she will cry, and she will hate herself. Hate herself that she let you anywhere near her, even although it wasn’t her fault, she will blame herself so badly that it will take her to hell and back. Just because you weren’t confident enough with your own personality to get consent from someone.

Shame on you.

And because she’ll never trust a male again she’ll join the ranks of women scarred who are pensive towards us. Women that shy away from strong men, we need to earn their respect. That’s not the way it should be. They should be open, and loving, and welcoming to every person, male or female unless they prove otherwise. But you sir, you’ve shit-canned that. You’ve destroyed her fucking life. It will eat at her until the day she dies. She won’t trust another living soul completely. Because you invaded her privacy without consent.

You invaded her privacy in the worst way possible.

So I’m joining the ranks of the women who are standing by this, and writing about it, and not letting it stand. I’m with you ladies. I stand as a male empowered by his own decision that it’s time that these injustices are not allowed to go on. That men aren’t allowed to get away with such things just because they have wealth and a fancy lawyer. That people will think twice about where they unconsentingly put their pee-pee, because even with a shit-stack of money, a fancy lawyer, and a shed-load of degrees, your trial will be harsh and your prison sentence will be long. Unrelenting and unequivocal lengthy incarceration for rape in such a manner should be mandatory.

And then. Maybe just then, when the thought of the consequences of rape become too harsh, that maybe women might start to trust us again. The dividing line between our sexes may start to get closer and intertwined so much more, and that we start to bolster one another, rather than victimise and harm.

Ladies. I stand with you.

Brock. You are a cunt. May you be dealt harsh punishment in prison.

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Brock you give us a bad name
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  1. Well said. I think it is in the personalties of these men, the nature of the offences – you see it with domestic violence as well as sexual offences. These crimes that tend to about control and dominance. So they tend to be committed by men who will automatically undermine their victims, try to rewrite what happened in their own terms, in a way that makes them look better, ways that are steeped in minimisation and denial. & I think they see that as their entitlement, the natural thing to do, because their status, their ego, their control of the situation will always be more important than accepting responsibility, making amends, or the experience of the victim, even if they do feel remorse, they will still ultimately put themselves first.

  2. Exactly right, and why this case is so significant – because it has attracted so much media attention his life now, is pretty much fucked. And that is so outwith his control he won’t know what to do with himself

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