Bucket List Massages for Couples 

Massage is a great method to build and maximise the connection between you and your loved one. However, visiting the same spa retreat on the odd occasion can get relentless and become less enjoyable on every visit. We’re here to ignite your love for massages, in the most spectacular style possible. Here are some bucket list massages you and your partner should try at least in once in your lifetime…

Beach massage in Brazil

For many of us, there’s nothing more relaxing than escaping life’s stresses and niggles by hopping on a plane and immersing ourselves into overwhelming tranquillity in an exotic, secluded location a million miles away from home – while in the company of a loved one. Massage is one of the most therapeutic and insanely relaxing practices in the world that we often seek as a treat every once in a while. So, why not combine the two together and get massaged on an idyllic picturesque beach? No we aren’t kidding – this is exactly what a hotel in Brazil is offering…

Ponto Dos Ganchos Resort welcomes holidaymakers into their gorgeous, secluded beach huts overlooking the sea in the quaint fishing village of Santa Catalina. Massage beds are propped up, as the therapists guide you into the massage. Your body and mind will enter a deeply pleasurable state, with the soothing strokes being performed on you and your partner at the same time. Beth Shapouri, a Glamour magazine writer who had the luxury of testing the treatment said “There’s something about the sound of the water and the fact that you’re so close to all that nature that puts you on a whole new level of relaxation.” (Source: )

The relaxation doesn’t end after leaving the massage table; each room is equipped with a private plunge pool, sauna and whirlpool for you and your dearest to top up the fun. If we’ve not twisted your arm enough that this is a once in a lifetime experience that shouldn’t be missed, then I bet you didn’t know Beyonce has stayed there? She even filmed parts of her documentary in the breath taking setting. So if it’s good enough for Beyonce, it’s sure to be good enough for us!

If you’re planning where to go on honeymoon, have a special anniversary coming up or just want to treat yourself (and a special someone) then a visit to this utterly stunning paradise shouldn’t be missed.

Gondola massage in San Diego

So, it might seem impossible to top idyllic massage on a breath taking beach, but we think we have! Ever fancied a gondola massage? Forget sailing around Venice while Italian men play sweet authentic music to you and jet set yourselves to San Diego’s Loews Cornado Resort. The hotel boasts a private marina which can whisk you and your loved one out to sea in a 33 foot gondola. While you absorb the spectacular views, two massage therapists subtly lay out two tables ready to perform couples massage, with the synced strokes establishing and reviving a strong connection between you and your partner. Don’t worry about giving passing boats an eyeful, the massage is designed to specifically work on your back while lying down on your front – there are no stresses about awkward repositioning! The weather is also not issue – San Diego has an average of 277 sunny days a year!

Could this experience get any better? Well, the bucket list experience doesn’t end there and proves to be perfectly structured. After the bodywork, the therapists serve up sparkling wine and strawberries covered in chocolate, as you and your partner kick back and unwind in your complimentary massage robes while inhaling the therapeutic sea air. How romantic?

Sadly, the whole experience only lasts an hour but the romance can continue back at the hotel. Have an unwinding meal in one of the hotel’s three devouring restaurants or maybe take a dip in one of three pools. You can also simply head to your balcony to chill out overlooking San Diego’s breath taking skyline. A stay at the Loews Cornado Resort is perfect for couple’s seeking unique relaxation, not to mention it’s a calming retreat not too far from the bustling centre of San Diego.

Swedish massage in Stockholm

Therapeutic massage derives from the Swedish style developed in 18th century Sweden. A Swedish massage in Stockholm is the same as having a croissant in Paris – it would be rude not to include it as part of our couple’s massage bucket list! As you can imagine, the “home of the classic massage” is saturated with hotels, spas and wellness centres all offering the Swedish style, but at the end of the day, this is a bucket list – and it’s important we only select the best.

Built in 1889, the Sturebadet spa time travels you and your partner into the authenticity of spa days, beautiful marble detail decorated in every corner and potentially the bluest pool you have ever seen are just a few to name. The spa only employs the best therapists, catering in every visitor’s needs and desires, whether you want to experience full body or want to concentrate on an overworked area. Maybe you’re pregnant or have limited mobility, the highly skilful therapists know how to work the massage to maximise the benefits – of course, we wouldn’t expect anything less from one of the oldest spas in Sweden!

Most massages last around 50 minutes but feel free to spend time lounging around the spa before and after the bodywork, there’s sure lots of activities to absorb you into the euphoria of tranquillity. Unwind in the aroma room, take a dip in the Jacuzzi or sweat it out in the sauna. If you’re raring for physical activity then why not visit the gym or take part in one of the numerous aqua classes? Better still, every treatment and activity is complimentary when you book a massage.

Top the bucket list massage by ending in the spa’s restaurant for a quaint dinner with bubbles to ooze the romance and add to the relaxation between you and your partner. The whole experience is perfect for reviving tired muscles after visiting Stockholm’s endless attractions.

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The bucket list massages may seem like a dream, but it’s up to you and your partner to make it a reality! If you think you couldn’t ever top a massage you previously had then we’re here to prove you wrong. Get saving for one of our bucket list massages, because it’s well worth the treat!

Martina is a writer, journalist, massage specialist and researcher. Writer contributor for Dumb Little Man. 

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