Can An Investment Portfolio Save Your Relationship?

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Money is one of the top subjects in a relationship that can cause severe arguments. In fact, several couples separate every year over financial disagreements. However, the majority of rows that happen because of money issues are the result of a lack of communication. Decisions are taken without the knowledge of one partner. Debts are kept hidden from each other until it is too late. Credit card bills from a shared account might accidentally go unpaid when one spouse doesn’t mention new purchases. In other words, arguments are the result of a miscommunication incident, which means that money doesn’t have to be a relationship breaker. In fact, managing your money together might even be a relationship boost!


Deciding together

People who don’t decide together don’t stay together

There are several reasons why a relationship fail. But 30% of couples make a costly mistake from the beginning of their relationship: They take unilateral decisions, without involving their partner in the process. Unfortunately, financial decisions that can affect the future of the couple should be shared, so that each partner is entrusted with half the responsibility. Deciding together upon your financial situation permanently increases the level of trust in a couple. Financial decisions, nevertheless, don’t have to relate to negative and stressful events, such as dealing with debts. Couples need to talk about money when everything is in the green too, so that they can plan strategic investments and grow their wealth.

How about taking baby steps in the stock market exchange?

If you’re looking into stock market investments to start your portfolio, you need to agree on the best tool to use to get the first taste of stock exchange trading. The choice for amateur traders is often Robinhood v Stash, which are apps that let you manage your trading activities. Robinhood is ideal for cautious traders who want to test the ground first, while Stash enables you to pick category investments if you’re acting on a market tip. Start with small sums to build up knowledge.

Too complicated? Try property investment

If you prefer an investment strategy that involves tangible assets, you might want to consider real estate investments. In the real estate market, you can make money through property appreciation, cash flow income from rental activities, related income for agencies and professionals, and ancillary investment income – such as placing a vending machine within an office building. Most investors choose to take a mortgage out against a property to leverage debts, making it easier to purchase.

Help a startup

If you are both business knowledgeable, you could consider investing in a startup business. This will guarantee a long-term return, assuming you pick a profitable startup. Since cryptocurrency has been going mainstream, founders have relied on blockchain platforms to fund their business. Contrary to other funding options, anybody can become an investor, and consequently owns shares within a startup company. Within a few years, your investment could deliver a profitable ROI. However, to put all chances on your side, you need to recognize early signs of success in a business, starting from a clear purpose to the use of data in market decisions.

start up

Startup investment

In conclusion, when you invest together, you can actively build your financial stability together. Ultimately, whether you choose stock markets, property investment or cryptocurrency funding, it’s more than a financial investment. It’s the promise you want to build a safe future for each other.

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