Debunking the myth that Jeremy Corbyn is a British traitor

Smear campaign

I despise the smear campaigns that have hit the headlines over the last year when it comes to Jeremy Corbyn. If he’s not tipping his hat in a certain way then he’s obviously a traitor to British Sovereignty; or if he doesn’t attend a charity event to lavish it up with free food and champagne with his rich colleagues then he’s obviously a smudge on his honest reputation. Just don’t look at the reason why he didn’t attend; because then you’ll see a man helping a destitute constituent and sticking to his principles very well.

The fact that Jeremy Corbyn has an uphill battle on his hands for Prime Minister angers me SO much. And yet this blog was founded with the intention of filling the world with love and compassion, and it has saddened me that I’ve had to use this outlet to try and negotiate the waves of media misinformation. But sticking to the theme, I will do so with love and compassion.

There’s an ongoing frenzy of misinformation amongst our general public that our hopeful leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is a traitor to British values. News outlets have been telling us that Jeremy has been known to have links with the IRA, Hamas and a whole lot of other tabloid named terrorist organisations.


Let me tell you something about fighting wars.

In my last job I was responsible for several Projects that spanned through many departments of the organisation that I worked for. Part of my job was negotiating with these departments so that my Projects could run at optimal performance. It turned me into a diplomat of sorts. Like Britain I was just a small speck of shit on a HUGE company that had annexes all over the town that it was situated in. To walk in and demand that people bend to my will “or else” wouldn’t do me any favours at all, and it would have made my job, and getting my projects off the ground very hard indeed. There would be lots of arguments and wrestling for dominance.

So like the good diplomat I was, I sat down at the table and discussed terms with them and hashed out something that worked in all of our interests. And this is what Jeremy Corbyn was doing with the IRA, hamas, et al. He was creating a solution for everyone that worked. Yes, he was involved, but only at the peace table.

Would you rather that we were still fighting today? I remember hearing on the news of the hostility in Northern Ireland and the frequent shootings. I remember reading investigative journalism on the IRA and their worldwide operations. You’re telling me that you’d rather be living in fear than at peace?

The way peace is ACTUALLY done

Peace isn’t formed through dropping bombs on children, peace isn’t formed by selling weapons to Saudi Arabia to bomb Syria. No, peace is formed by sitting at the table with all representatives of every country and hashing out a solution that works for everyone. And if that means being associated or affiliated with these people then so be it. Listen, I really don’t want my son being drafted up for some rich mans war.

Do you?

We live in a country relatively free of terrorism, we live in a country that’s relatively peaceful. I can walk down town at 1am and not feel threatened, and it’s because of people like Jeremy Corbyn that I have the ability to do this. We don’t live in constant fear.

Socialism is NOT Communism. Please learn the difference

There’s also this idea floating about that our pal Jeremy is a communist. And the media have flogged that dead horse until I’m bored with hearing it. I’ve seen videos of people telling us that they won’t be voting for him this year because they don’t like Socialism. Did you know that Britain is and always has been the most Socialist state in Europe? Or it was until recently. Socialism is the belief that people and communities working together can overcome the best of things. We’ve saw some of the most progressive forward thinking working class entities crop up over the last 70 years because of it. Free schools for example. Free NHS and a state that provides for the needy.

Communism, or at least the idea of Communism (because it’s never been done before) is that everyone is equal and earns the same regardless of the job that they do or the position they hold. Russia was totalitarean, not communist. They’d have loved to say they were, but actually, they had super rich Oligarchs and heads of state that had it all, whereas the many had very little. Sound familiar?

The true meaning of Marxism

Yes, regardless of what anyone tells us, the idea of Marxism has never been played out. Because to do so then everyone would have an equal share of the countries resources, riches, power and say. But every time that happens, a select few hoarde the wealth for themselves.

Even in it’s true form I’ve never believed in Communism because I’ve always believed that those who want to work harder and innovate to create a better world should be allowed to earn more. Just not zillions, whilst there are kids without food and shoes for their feet.

So Jeremy is not Communist. Please stop calling him Comrade Corbyn, it makes you look stupid.

Don’t vote conservative, Jesus.

Please, on June 8th, whilst I understand that people are entitled to vote for who they want, just think about it for a second. We’ve had a Conservative government for 7 years now and things aren’t getting better they are getting decidedly worse. I’ve never known in all my years a government to be investigated for a massive scale breach of human rights. Do you want to be part of that? Are you happy at the surge of foodbanks? The destruction of the NHS? The deaths of countless benefit claimants?

Are you?

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