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parenting special needs

Parenting Invisible Special Needs

Anytime you are different, it is difficult in this world. Whether you look different, speak differently, dress differently, think differently, act differently, walk differently,...
feeling like a hot mama

Feeling Like a Hot Mama

One day I had stepped outside to prep my garden soil before the weather had decided to stay cold, blow hard or turn up...
london divorce lawyers

Can We Still Be a Family After Divorce?

This is a sponsored post Divorce can rip families apart, leaving one parent — usually the father — out in the cold. The importance of...
fatally yours

fatally yours: Poetry by Sumayyah Talibah

fatally yours you know you put me in a bind askin’ me to speak my mind you know you put me on the spot when you expect me...
Why men need to adapt to modern society and quickly

Why men need to adapt to modern society and quickly

I'm an 80's child yay! As a young 80's boy in a family dynamic that was very new to the open world, I found it...

What Happens When Your Mother Can’t Be Part of Your Life?

Mother's Day, for me and many like me, is a complex mine field of emotions; the guilt is so deeply at odds with the...
taking time apart in relationships

3 Ways You Will Strengthen Your Relationship By Spending Time Apart

Self-care is a strange and wonderful thing. What might be an intense burden or chore for one person might be liberating and relaxing for...

What the Last Election Should Teach Us About Relationships and Communication

Human Race The human race has had to adapt countless times in the last 30 years. I expect this isn’t the end of it either....

Debunking the myth that Jeremy Corbyn is a British traitor

Smear campaign I despise the smear campaigns that have hit the headlines over the last year when it comes to Jeremy Corbyn. If he's not...
working class tory

I will never ever understand a working class Tory

Strange Phenomenon It's a strange phenomenon in England, and weirdly, only England. None of the outer countries around England tied to the Union have a...

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