My life summarised in YouTube music links.

This is Day 12 of the 30 Day #LinkYourLife Challenge

I’ve skipped number 11 for a little bit because it’s had me stumped for weeks. It’s also probably why I haven’t posted anything on the 30-day challenge yet.

So here goes. My attempt at summarising my life through YouTube music.

My life summarised in YouTube music links

We’ll start off with the very first song that I properly got attached to as a teenager. I was 13 and I was just starting to appreciate music for what it was rather than just a noise in the background. Surprisingly, the first ever song that I properly got addicted to was this – and mainly because you were awesomely cool if you listened to:

The Early Years

Cypress Hill:

This sparked off several years of Cypress Hill loving. I used to have most of their songs on record. So this started me off really appreciating and identifying with music, which sparked off a ton of other really really good songs I identified with:


Nirvana – my favourite was their unplugged album, particularly “lake of fire”. Ryan and I would spend hours playing the Super Nes on crap days whilst listening to their unplugged album.


The Shamen – My absolute favourite had to be Ebeneezer Goode. This song was banned for ages because the entire song was about Ecstacy and how good taking them were. For the record, I just liked the song. It was, and still is absolutely amazing 😀


The Later Years

These three songs could probably sum up my early teens. Or at least the ones that stuck with me over the years. Three completely different styles but by my late teens my music was getting varied and eclectic. A lot of kids judged your personality on the type of music that you listened to as well so if you’re just trying to fit in like I was then it was always best to keep in with the trends.

Next was my late teens. In my late teens, I went from completely eclectic, varied and liking all types to focusing only on one or two bands, and styles of music. Can you guess? 1995 – 99? Come on! You know it! Yup,

Oasis – my favourite from those is Cigarettes and Alcohol for obvious reasons.


Pulp – definitely not forgetting Pulp 😀


The Verve – I had left school when I started listening to these guys. I really had a complete love affair with them. And, every time I listen to them hard, and raw memories come plunging back. It wasn’t a good time in my life. I was unemployed, goalless and I didn’t know where I was headed. These guys helped me. Although when I listen to the lyrics now I think “Wooah, that’s super depressing”


Young Adulthood

Simply red. Wow. I love these guys. When I worked for my dad in 1999 he had their CD on repeat. Probably how I became so addicted to them. These guys were nice to listen to when I was working away. I really enjoyed them 🙂


Lightning Seeds: I absolutely loved this music. This was like, wow, amazing. I still like it now!! You could always find me listening to this on my CD player. Yes, technology was starting to plough ahead by then.


Sash: Ah, my first experience with this type of music. I used to laugh at my friend listening to this, but actually, I loved it. And this started me on a great discovery of electronic music. It’s one of my favourite genres 🙂



Robbie Williams – This guy holds massive respect from me in my eyes. A lot of his songs hold close memories. But I’ll give you all a piece of me that is the deepest. This song trances me out. It is AMAZING!!


REM – Losing my religion. I used to play this late at night when my housemate was out. Too loudly sometimes. I would usually be drunk, and like any drunk person, I’d play my music far too loud. It took me years, and years to get earphones. Hah


One more and then I need to go onto the club years. When I started to go out and party. Go out with friends, get hammered and such. And I’m listening to it now and getting spine tingles. I forgot how close this song is to me. I listened to this when I started to get homesick.

Enya – Carribean Blue. Turn it up!! I had to listen to this twice.


The Club Years!

Ok. This was a messy, messy time, and there are literally tons of songs that I identify with from 2000-2002 so I’m going to make a playlist here. And then you can just listen to whatever one’s you want to at your perusal. Please be aware there is absolutely no one strict genre. It’s a complete mix! And these are everything that brings back memories as strong as smell from that era. This is however a work in progress, and, I’ll keep adding to them 🙂


The Repair Years

So obviously there was the club years and life took its toll after that. And, I stopped listening to music for a while. But I’ll give you the last two songs that pretty much sum up the last elements of my life. I listen to many songs now. Too many. Just wow. I mean I range from Vivaldi – Four Seasons to Armin Van Buuren so I doubt you want a playlist like that. Anyway. The last two songs that literally made me from 2003 – 2006 were these two beauties. And the rest is history:

Falling in Love Again – Eagle Eye Cherry


Mr Mister – Broken Wings

And that’s it for now. This is my life in a YouTube music session. Thanks for listening and reading 🙂

My life summarised in YouTube music links
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