Is Steemit the next Facebook?

So you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t updated in a few days. Ok. Here’s why. One word.


Steemit to me, at first, was like the Gran you go out of your way to visit because you know that she’ll drop you a tenner in your hand. It was like the extra spending money that I’ve so craved over these last few months. But what happened after I started writing and engaging with the community was completely transformational.

My first post was really well received. Actually, it netted me over the equivalent of $340. Sounds too good to be true right? I know. I know. We’re used to Facebook, Twitter and the likes sucking up all the money we earn them through advertising and selling off our data. We should be only too grateful as well because we get a nice free platform to chat to our friends and free versions of games, et al. The fact that they make billions and billions of dollars from us is here nor there. And it feels as if we’ve just settled for it. Settled for the status quo and got on with our merry way.


Above is a copy of a few posts that I’ve made over the last few days. You can see that it’s an accumulation of at least $400, right? Some posts have made double figures, others haven’t taken off at all. But that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Monetary value is dependent on popularity and how many upvotes the post receives. $400 for 4 days work. That’s not bad, is it? Right? I tell you. It’s incredibly addictive.

Yet. It doesn’t stop there. Because you are rewarded for commenting, engaging with, and upvoting posts too. It’s a system created to incentivise finding and upvoting posts that are informational, readable and helpful. Don’t forget inspirational. And I’ve actually earned more money from commenting, engaging with, upvoting and finding posts that have later become super popular. My account now stands at nearly $940. And it will be rising to far greater heights over the next few days because of the tactful voting and content discovery I’ve engaged in.

steemit wallet

Above is a copy of my wallet – which can be publicly seen. I’m not showing you anything that can only be seen by me here. It’s all for public eyes.

Still sounds too good to be true right?

You’re probably sitting there thinking, “yeah, whatever. There’s no way you’ll be able to withdraw any of that.” And I really don’t blame you because too often as a member of the public we are used to being milked for everything like the cows we are. Just think. Facebook’s profit last year. Not turnover, but profit was in the BILLIONS last year. What did you receive?


I earned about 100 STEEM from one of my posts. I cashed out. Walked away with about £250 in my pocket yesterday. I have it now. In my bank account. Yup. Crazy, huh?

“So what is this STEEM thing, Steempower and Steemdollars? – looks like fake money to me. You’re having a laugh. I know many sites that have promised me that they have earned thousands but really haven’t earned anything”

Ok. go here. This is my public wallet. See for yourself.

Secondly, this is where it gets tricky. It really does because if you have no idea about cryptocurrency then it’s going to be hard to get your head around. I’ve been researching it for about two years and I’m still a bit clueless of the technicals.

Below is a good video on the 3 steems. It should explain all you need to know on the in-app currency. Give it a watch:

And when you’ve fully understood the video above here’s what to do when you wish to cash out.

Bittrex holds steem

Create an account on Bittrex and send your steem to there.

Trade STEEM for Bitcoin on Bittrex

Send your Bitcoins from Bittrex to Local Bitcoin

And cash out your Bitcoins at Local Bitcoins – all super safe stuff. I’ve cashed out hundreds of times from this place before. Very reputable site with lots of backups in place. Just be sure never to transfer the bitcoins until you see the money in your bank.


Steemit is a web application that pays you to write, discover and engage. And it has lots and lots of earning potential. You are now looking at the new wave of social media. If Facebook and Twitter don’t buck the same trend they are set to lose millions of users. It really has. If not instantly because I guess a lot of people would be highly sceptical, then definitely over time!

Thank for listening, and check me out here on Steemit.

Please be aware that I made no money from this post whatsoever, I just want to share my success in hope that all of you follow suit!!

is steemit the next facebook?
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