I will never ever understand a working class Tory

Strange Phenomenon

It’s a strange phenomenon in England, and weirdly, only England. None of the outer countries around England tied to the Union have a Conservative majority; you only need look at Wales and Scotland to see the obvious shift to the Political left in those countries. I once thought that it could be newspapers and the mainstream media keeping a tight hold on the thought processes of ill equipped britons to fact check and understand state funded propoganda. Yet I think it’s more base than that. I think it comes from a fundamental belief that if you don’t work then you aren’t entitled to any money or help.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I remember back when I had been ravaged with Mental Illness and my Gran very lovingly gave me £20 to go and have fun with my friends at the pub; I spent most of my evening arguing with an old man that I was actually fit to inhabit the earth and that no I wasn’t stealing his hard earned money. You see it’s a common belief that people on the sick are scroungers; obviously I was playing up, because there I was, in the pub having a good time. To him if you’re sick then you need to be in bed. He didn’t see the three jobs I had ran myself into the ground working over the last three years. He didn’t see the 25% tax I had paid for on over a year on at least a further 20 hours a week above minimum wage. He couldn’t see that I had paid more than enough into the system to be allowed sickness benefit.

And I sort of get it in a way. People vote Tory from a base selfish need that their money is theirs and no-one elses. The concept of ‘we’re all in it together’ is lost on them and it stems from the core belief that the hard working hold up the sick in society. I don’t agree with it but I understand it takes all sorts of people to make a society; some are healers, others are fixers, and some are hoarders, and many more. It takes all sorts. So when the concept of dragging the sick and unable around like a bad smell is incomprehensible to them, you need to work hard to survive. I get it, but I don’t agree with it.

Change in Landscape

And now in the 2017 Political landscape we have seen a new type of Tory voter arise, and I must say I will give them their dues, it was very intelligent what the Conservatives did. They essentially assimilated UKIP by becoming UKIP. I think UKIP supporters knew that by voting Tory they now have a much stronger chance of reaching their agenda. By becoming independent from Europe. And yet, once again, the large consensus of UKIP voters have voted in the past based on the selfish need that no-one wants to drag others around in society with them. It’s been long debated whether or not migrants come here and suck our benefits and public services dry, rape and pillage our local people and have no respect for the society they live in.

And then we have the older generation who mostly vote. They come from a time where their Mums and Dads fought in wars to allow them the basic right to have a say in who gets to take the helm, and there’s no way you’re going to be able to prize their vote out of their stiff hands. And in a way these are the most pandered to; Politicians no longer speak to the youth because they don’t turn out in their droves like the elderly do. If you’re growing up in the UK right now you’re pretty much fucked at having any chance of renting anything larger than a box room in a house shared with more than 5 people, that’s only IF you manage to get a job which most of them have thousands of applicants.

Makes you an arsehole

But I’ll never understand that thought process as a working class Tory voter. I’ve always been brought up in the understanding that you are only as good as the person that has nothing; how you treat others that are weaker than you determines you as a person, and it also determines you as a race, a society, a country. My Mum always said that when you trample on others for your own gain then that doesn’t make you a good person at all. It makes you an arsehole.

I was always brought up thinking that the NHS was an amazing concept of societal engineering, a system that benefits every human being; free at point of use. One that does not judge life, only cares and nurtures it. If that means I’m going to earn £50 a week less in my paypacket because of it, then so be it. The same can be said for our Benefits system, another national treasure in its time. A system that made sure the poor would never go hungry, never struggle like they did for hundreds of years beforehand.

And what do we do? We fuck it all up. We’re angry. Wages have stagnated to the lowest point ever, and the cost of living is rising steeply. And because of our anger we fail to look at the deeper issues causing this mess. The class restructure of the entire welfare system, including the NHS is social cleansing. That’s what it is. We fail to see the thousands dying right under our noses because they don’t have the resources to pull themselves out of the hellhole that they find themselves in. And it’s really happening. It’s not far left scaremongering. If it weren’t for our parents in 2011 we would have been bankrupt and on the streets under a bridge somewhere. I lost my job that year as did Natalie, we both had fell foul to the closures and business bankruptcies that were happening all over the country at the time. The banks had closed us down and the benefits system sent us a giant ‘fuck you’

It wasn’t labour

We spent our entire savings that year. 5 figures. We were saving up for a house. Now, I doubt we’ll ever have one of our own. But it wasn’t the immigrants that caused this, and it certainly wasn’t the poor and disabled. AND IT WASN’T LABOUR. It was the bankers. Yes, those people that David Cameron bitterly campaigned and voted to keep their unmetered bonuses and crazy handling over our countries money.

And yet as the poor die all around us, the NHS is dismantled, wages stagnate and the cost of living rises sharply people will STILL vote tory, and in their droves. And I have no clue why. There’s a running joke in our house that England collectively votes to shoot itself in the face every four years. Like that woman on Question time that was crying because she voted tory but she didn’t think they’d come after her benefits. In my mind if you aren’t prepared to reap the consequences of your vote then you have no business voting. And these people that vote Tory are the people that will need a socialist system at one point in their life. I never in a million years imagined I’d use it, but at certain times it’s saved my bacon..

I laughed as I saw the TV interview swathes of people that were switching for Labour to Conservatives because they didn’t like Socialism. It surprised me, and I was a little shocked because hasn’t our country been one of the most socialist in Europe over the last 50 years? The benefits they’ve received from free schools, free NHS, free education, help when you need it; isn’t that socialism at its best?

Be honest for a change

So if you’re common as muck like me and you’re off out in June to place your vote for the blue; save us an argument and be honest with yourself that you actually want a paid for private healthcare system. You want people that are unable to fend for themselves and die. You don’t care about schools, or education, or younger people. Hell, you don’t even give a flying hoot about sick people, the homeless, or anyone that needs anything,

Because you’re all right jack.

And that’s fine with you.

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