3 Easy Ways You Can Earn Free Bitcoin

If you’re looking for places to earn free bitcoin then you’ve came to the right place. I’ve been in the bitcoin game for many years now. Since 2013 to be exact. One thing that’s always struck me is the amount of articles that will show you where to go to get some freebies but they tend to all copy each other. If you plug in Google, ‘earn money online’ then they all say the same thing. Go on, try it. They all seem to copy each other. This is a great marketing strategy but bad when you’re trying to find out good solid earners.

Thankfully I’m different. I’ll show you the good ways.

To understand what I’m going to tell you here then you’ll have to understand that we’ll be using different currencies to achieve our goals. So for instance I may talk about Tron that you can earn for free — but you can absolutely trade that for Bitcoin on Binance. You see?

Anyway. On with the show.

Before I start I’ll mention freebitcoin as an honourable mention because you can earn quite a bit through that site through loyalty, but it takes time and effort. Here you can earn free bitcoin hourly. And then if you want you can try your luck at their dice game. Every roll, game, or bet you place builds up loyalty — and you don’t even need to spend a dime.

That being said let’s get to the first biggie I want to talk about.

You should definitely get yourself an account over at faucet collector

faucet collector

What is faucet collector? Well, it does what few do in this industry and that is collect bitcoin on autopilot from faucets across different websites. So you can just run it in the background and it should do all that work for you.

Faucet collector is super inexpensive at $11 per year. There are also added expenditures that you can’t avoid — for example you can’skip the process of adding captcha solva’s. You have to add a little of your own credit to that. Not much. Maybe $10 and that will last you a month or so depending how many instances you have open.

Here’s a neat little video that will explain it to you:

But you shouldn’t stop there, oh no. This is a great way to get free bitcoin but you should keep going.

Get some Free steem for creating an article / video / photo compilation or some form of art to earn free bitcoin


Steemit is a great place to start if you’re any good at some form of the arts. These blog posts get directly posted to Steemit. That way I can earn some free steem and grow my account or take it out and swap it for bitcoin. People have been known to make thousands from this place when times were good.

How do you start with Steemit? Well it’s fair easy. Just go to and sign up. Keep your keys safe because if you lose them then you’re in a lot of trouble.

Think of this place as more like reddit than anything else. A lot of people have tried to get the blockchain to move to a more creator friendlier portal but nothing has changed in the four years I have been registered here. If you haven’t used reddit then it’s really simple. Your account gathers reputation, as do you the more communities and places you socialise in.

Fancy some free Tron? Go here.


It’s not Bitcoin but you can easily change it for Bitcoin on Binance. This one will require a little investment but you can easily use the profits from the latter and use them in here. Grab some tron — preferably 1000 or so. Roughly $10 and put it into your wallet. Then freeze the tron.

Once you’ve frozen your Tron you can start voting. You’ll have 1 vote per tron, so that’s 1000 votes.

Put them all on either Bitguild or CryptoguyinZA. They’ll send you passive earning every day for voting for them. Currently I only have under 100 tron staked and I’m earning about nearly 0.01 per day.

earn free bitcoin

Of course if I put in 10,000 Tron then I’d earn 1 Tron per day or perhaps more. It might not seem much now, but wait until the rise that’s coming! It all helps when you’re trying to earn free bitcoin.

All in all be vigilant and smart

There are a lot of places out there designed to take your money. Some may seem amazing at first but they won’t be when they run away with all your money. Avoid places that promise you insane roi — it just isn’t going to happen. Be smart and earn it slowly but gently.

Be well my friends!


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