3 Totally Cutesie Things You Can Do To Make Your Boyfriend Smile

Relationships are all about making each other happy. Sure, you’ll argue from time to time, but the majority of your time together should be spent with massive smiles on your face. With that in mind, why don’t you do something to put a smile on your boyfriend’s face? Here are a few ideas that are totally cutesie:

Make Them Dinner

I know, this sounds like a very patriarchal thing to say. I’m not screaming at all women to get in the kitchen and make a sandwich, I am merely suggesting you make your boyfriend dinner out of the kindness of your heart. It’s a really touching act, especially if you don’t do it often. Nothing says I really care about you more than a homecooked meal. They will love it, and a smile will break out that’s as big as their stomach will be after they stuffed themselves full of your delicious food. Plus, they have to return the favour, so you’ll get a super cute dinner from them one day as well.

Buy Matching PJ’s

Any boyfriend that’s worth keeping will love matching pyjamas. They’re such an adorable idea, and you can snuggle up together while watching Netflix and drinking tea in them. It’s quite funny as well, so they should have a good laugh when they see them. Also, who knows, it starts with matching pj’s, and the next thing you know you’ve got his and hers rings on, and you’re married. Well, it might not move that fast, but you could see a more committed boyfriend after doing this as it signals that you really care about them. Or, it helps you know if they’re not committed because they’ll hate the PJ’s. Either way, you either get a boyfriend that smiles and appreciates you or one you can dump and avoid wasting time with!

Remind Them How Special They Are

Alright, this is a very soppy idea, but it should put a massive smile on your boyfriends face. It’s always nerve-wracking telling someone how you feel for the first time. But, it’s a good way of finding out how they feel about you, so it’s worth taking the plunge. It’ll make them really happy as they know you’re on the same page as them, which they were probably worried about the whole time. If you’ve been together for a while, then your boyfriend should know how you feel about them. But, it doesn’t hurt to remind them and tell them how special they are. It’s a simple act, but it just might bring a tear to their eye. Guys like to act hard, but they’re really big softies that love to hear how loved they are.

These three things are perfect if you want to make your boyfriend feel extra happy and get a big cheesy grin on their faces. They’re also excellent post-argument solutions to help you both forget about what you were arguing over and return to being a happy couple. Give them a go, and you will help keep your relationship nice and positive.

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