4 Fantasies and Terrific Truths of True Love

When you’re single and searching for The One, it’s natural to have fantasies about what your ideal relationship will be like. But sometimes what sounds best in a fantasy isn’t rewarding in reality. I wholeheartedly encourage you to use your imagination to envision the perfect partner, the perfect relationship, and the perfect love. However, real life often proves to be even better than our best fantasies so be ready to let go of your vision to get something even more amazing.

Here are the top fantasies my wife and I entertained before we met, and the more fulfilling truths that we’ve found as our true love grows.

Fantasy #1
Your true love will automatically understand and adore every little thing about you: every struggle, every quirk, every neurosis.

Terrific Truths
Your true love will give you reason to fully accept yourself. They will embrace your struggles yet also inspire or even challenge you to work through them. They will have flaws and fears of their own for you to help them heal, which will show you the courage, confidence, and capabilities you already have.

Fantasy #2
You and your true love will have an immediate and electric sexual connection that lasts forever.

Terrific Truths
Your sexual connection will change, expand, and deepen beyond the initial courtship. True love will provide you both the safety and the freedom to explore a wider range of sexual feelings together. Sex will still be electric and exciting at times, but can be peaceful, playful, or cathartic at other times.

Fantasy #3
Your true love will give you all the companionship, love, and affirmation that you desire.

Terrific Truths
You will enjoy and appreciate every other wonderful person in your life all the more. True love will encourage you to develop other good relationships while letting go of those that don’t nourish you. You will both gain new friends and family who will enrich your lives beyond what you ever expected.
Fantasy #4
True love is a wild adventure that will sweep you off your feet, turn your life upside down, and change everything.

Terrific Truths
True love will help you feel at home and allow you to be your true self. You will be transformed inside and out, but in gentle and unconscious ways. True love will inspire you to be who you want to be, not force you to change in order to be with someone else.

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Kyle Hoelscher

Kyle is a dedicated nurse, wandering traveler, and lover of happy relationships. He spent many years online dating before finding his perfect partner to whom he is now married. Kyle is the K in E&K XO.


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