4 Reasons Why Relationships Fail

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According to many surveys, couples getting divorced is on the rise. In fact, it is believed that 50% of all recent marriages in the US end up in a divorce.

Moreover, the number of people getting married has also declined. People just do not believe in marriage and relationship anymore and many are only looking at temporary things.

Many blame the internet and apps like Tinder for this change in attitude, but there are a lot of other reason too for why relationships fail.

Today, relationships have taken a bad shape as couples step in a relationship without giving it much thought. They get attracted and start going out together without looking at long-term things. Plus, many also fail to value their relationships that causes rift.

There are many reasons why relationships fail, let’s have a look at four such reasons:

1. Mistreatment

One of the major reasons for a relationship to fail is mistreatment. Mistreatment can be of several kind including emotional and physical abuse.

Sadly, such abuse is very common not just in the US and all around the world. You get in a relationship to be happy, but if the relationship is making you sad, then you should not stay in it.

2. No Mutual Decision Making

A couple has to make many decisions in their life to secure a future with one another, especially when finance is considered. It is vital to share, ask opinions and give half the responsibility to your partner because it implies your trust in them. Sadly, only about 70% couples do this, and the rest end up having trust issues.

Apart from financial decisions, couples should also give thought to personal decisions. When you are a couple, your life is interlinked. Changes in your routine, job etc., will affect the other person as well, which is why you should take them into consideration and ask for their opinion when it comes to such decisions.

3. Lying to Each Other

Relationships ask for both partners to remain loyal to one another. Remember that a single lie can ruin a relationship. Yet, people still very frequently lie to their partners for one reason or the other.

According to many reports, most people lie to hide their affairs. Cheating in a relationship is more common than you’d like to this. Contrary to the popular belief, women also cheat on their partners, which is a major reason why relationships fail.

Nobody would like to live with a cheater. If you are not happy with your partner, you should end your relationship instead of cheating or lying.

4. Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships do not always fail, but they seldom succeed. This is because for most people physical proximity is very important. Science has proven that physical contact helps people stay connected, and when there is a lot of distance in between, people begin to drift apart.

People get together and then move away for different reasons including a better future, but this often means the end of their love life. Not everyone can handle a long distance relationship as it requires more effort and often ends in a breakup.

The Verdict

It is important to not let these mistakes ruin your love life so that you can live together for a long time. Make sure to follow the tips given in this article and try your best to salvage the situation if things begin to go haywire. Love does not come easily, and if you have found your one true love, then make sure to not let it sleep.

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