5 BS facts about dating people think are true

5 BS facts about dating everyone thinks are true

We’ve all been there before, in the early stages of dating, when our friends like to jump in and give us welcomed, or unwelcomed advice about how to date and how not to date. Because of course, they are SO much more experienced than you are haha. I’ve had quite an eclectic experience in the dating area which was heavily influenced by social pressures, friends, parents and a ton of other stuff. I really didn’t actually sit down and think, “What do ‘I’ want?”. You see. I’m not an expert dater. Far from it actually; I’m an expert at knowing what the wrong move would be, because in the past I’ve done it all wrong all the time. I finally figured it out eventually, and realised there was no magic formula, no magic switch; just being the beautiful person that you are. So I’ve written this list as a helpful guide to guys (and gals perhaps) to avoid some of the pitfalls that I have encountered along the way.

1.You have to treat her mean to keep her keen

treat her mean keep her keenProbably the worst advice I’ve ever heard. This one does the rounds though; but if you’re looking for a healthy relationship with your women friend, don’t treat her mean. Because she’ll swap you for a guy that treats her like a princess. It stems from the notion that women like arguments and drama. When in actual fact they just want a guy that knows what he wants, and occasionally that will cause a few locking of horns.

2. Women only date bad guys.

Again, this is built on the notion of number 1. Bad guys aren’t bad guys, they just don’t let them have their way 100%. Because if you let her have her way all the time then she’ll grow bored and swap you for a man that actually cares about what he does from time to time.

3. All the good Men/Women are Married or Gay.


When you find yourself convincing yourself of this then it actually should tell you more about the friends you associate with and the circles you move around in, and, ultimately yourself. I say this because there are over 6 Billion people in the world. Unless you come from a place that’s overwhelmed with the sausage, or full of taco (which I highly doubt) then you should ask yourself ‘why am I only meeting and coming into contact with people that don’t live up to my standards’?

4. Using a Pickup Artist

It’s surprising how many men are turning to pick-up artists these days. And, women are becoming more and more wise to their techniques. I spotted a woman on YouTube a few days ago telling her audience that she was aware some guy she was dating was using [artists name] pick-up techniques.

These probably work; probably even better than I imagined but what people forget is that it’s the long term game that counts. So when you’ve worked all your moves on her and the relationship moves onto another stage of development. What then? What do you tell her? Women value deep and layered men. Not some douche with a couple of lines. Whatever happened to being yourself on a date? There’s no trickery or methods. Just be that awesome person you’ve always been.

5. Be less available.

be less available

This is absolute codswallop. A woman likes to know that her man has other interests, friends and can stand up for himself. You don’t need to ‘become less available’ to falsely give her the perception of this, because she’ll find out that you’re a loner eventually. I’ve actually had more success with women when I’ve been more available than less available. It’s fine to rearrange your schedule for her if you can. She needs to feel important. Just not the centre of your world if you get my drift!

That’s all folks

Hope you enjoyed that list. It’s a starter anyway.


5 bs facts about dating that people think are true


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