5 Easy Ways to Fall in Love with Your Life

by Haven Strange

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could immerse yourself into living the life of your dreams? There was no one to judge you, no competition. You were not pressured to change or act a certain way. That “authentic” life we read so much about in self help articles wouldn’t even be a thing- it would just be called life.

Sadly, there are speed bumps and detours and sometimes even decade long blocks in the road of living the life we want. It is up to you to decide on the vehicle for the journey.

Your life is your story. You are writing it each and every day.

Ask yourself this: Is it a book you want to read?

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you are. ~ Carl Jung

Redefine Your Motives

Take stock of your values and goals. Then be honest with yourself- who do these serve? If you did not decide these for yourself then it’s time for an overhaul.

Your Shoulders May be Big…

But they don’t have to carry the world. You are not responsible for making them happy. It’s not up to you to make them fall in love with your story. The story is yours. The only person you have to impress is yourself.


Children have an advantage- they go about life with no preconceived notions. They never think to impress others- they just do what makes them happy in the moment.

Look at your reality through child-like eyes. Then do you.

This can be difficult, especially after years of conditioning to do it their way. But in order to live an authentic life you have to break that nasty habit and put in its place a well rounded set of habits that make you happy. Habits which serve you above all else.

Remember- you cannot be any good for anyone unless your pitcher is full.

Trust and Acceptance

You are a beautiful, unique, talented and awesome individual! There is no one on this Earth like you!

You must learn to trust yourself and your intuation. Your parent may have your best intention in mind, but that is their view of how you should live. And the path you are on just might not work. But you know what? It just might not only work but soar! And if you fail, well, shit happens. But you will probably learn a few things on the way down that will help your next move be more solid.

There are ups and downs, and not everything you try will result in rainbows and unicorns. And that’s ok!

Accept yourself for all your brilliance and flaws and beauty and scars. There is no point in trying to change things that already happened. There is only presenting the you in the present moment. Accept yourself as you are. It is the best gift you can give yourself and the world.

Take Down the Wall

As we go through life we place bricks atop other bricks and slowly build up a wall. We hate being vulnerable and this wall protects us.

So we like to tell ourselves.

But walls not only keep things out- they prevent things from coming in. Including good things.

You cannot enjoy you, nor can you share your awesome brilliance with others with a wall in place. And you certainly close yourself off from receiving anything until you sledgehammer the heck outta that wall!

The first and most important step is to be aware. Let’s commit to being self aware, so we can toss the unnecessary in the dumpster and construct the beautiful life of our choosing. That pure and real dreamhouse we have only dreamed of until now.

Now is the best time to begin.

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