5 Important Questions you Should Ask your Girl

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Are you sure that you know your date for a 100%?

You met a girl and for the second week, you are discussing favorite movies, the weather or other unnecessary stuff? Stop it! It is time to get down to business and find out your girlfriend for real. Psychologists distinguish five basic traits of a personality – extraversion, open-mindedness, conscientiousness, altruism (selflessness) and neuroticism. You may predict the development of your relationships if you find a shade of these traits in your girlfriend. The best way is to ask specific questions below.

It does not matter whether you have known a girl for a long time or it is your wife. You can always discover something new about her, can’t you?

1.” How about dancing on a table?”

Ok, that is too much. It is better to ask her: “Do you like this place?” while sitting in a noisy bar. Your girlfriend smiles broadly, behaves naturally and looks into your eyes…She is an extravert–an outgoing, talkative person. She loves such places, so take her to the parties and other crowded places. It is another matter, if she looks down, tries to hide from the rest people with the help of a hand or dreams about moving to a table in the corner. Evidently, the introvert is opposite to extrovert. A quiet, shy and reserved would like only your company. Cinemas, museums, and walks in secluded places are perfect for her.

2.”Let’s eat a poisonous fish?”

Having asked this question, you can check how decisive your girlfriend is. Here you are at the Japanese restaurant. Ask your girl: “Don’t you want to order sashimi made of the fish fugu? Nevertheless, dear, if the cook makes the slightest mistake, we’re going to die”. Observe her facial expression. Noticed a shade of panic in her eyes? It looks like you should not try to take your friend on a motor race in, for instance, Asia.

3.”Do you want me to kill your ex?”

Ask your date about her relationships with ex-boyfriends or her relatives. People with developed altruism usually forgive all the injustices of the ex and are a perfect match; they are non-judgmental in assessments of other people and are ready to compromise. If you heard at least one curse in somebody’s direction, then she is not inclined to forgive people. Do you need such a relationship? Do you want to be condemned?

4.” You have one million dollars. Will you quit your job? “

Does she like her job? Your girlfriend spends hours proving that everyday life in the office is unbearable – just for the record, she is prone to a neurasthenia. Real neurasthenics have a low self-esteem. They are emotionally unstable and pessimistic. What is more, the more time you spend with them the more negative traits you will acquire! (Attention!) She’s dangerous! Another sign you need to look for is how many times she uses the word “I”. Psychologists say that balanced people tend to focus on the outside world (other people in particular) and neurasthenics talk too much about themselves.

5.”What is your dream career?”

Who is she – a procrastinator, a dreamer or an energetic businesswoman? The girl’s goals and the way she plans things will show how she behaves in everyday life, including relationships. For example, if a girl wants to write a novel, then she is creative, curious and has something to tell the world. In addition, if your girlfriend wants to start her own business, then she is apparently independent, goal-oriented, ready for risk and able to take responsibility. You can find more interesting tips at dating site for seniors!

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