5 things that drive women away

5 things that drive women away

So it’s crunch time. You’ve landed an awesome date with a woman that you’ve been chasing for absolutely ages. The game is over, all you need do now is impress her on a few dates and then keep her in your little keep net and all will be safe and homely. WRONG. One thing that I’ve worked out through my steep learning curves with dating is that it’s a development experience; like work or learning, you grow and evolve as a couple. If you’re not willing to do that then game over my friend.

I’m a great fan of introspective learning. An excellent entry level introspection analysis would be for you to get it wrong, look back at what you’ve done, feel bad for the moment and then not make that mistake again. It’s how I deal with life’s little challenges. Everyone messes up now and again. Those with the ability to look inwardly are able to adjust and move on. Here are 5 great tips on things that are likely to drive women away.

Poor oral / house / basic Hygeine

This should be a no brainer but the amount of times I’ve heard a girl-friend tell me a story about some guy that has a house akin to a cess pit in a back yard is unreal. Perhaps some parents aren’t working hard enough to teach their kids basic hygeine but it does happen. If you’re planning on taking the love of your life back to your home please make sure it’s tidy and you can see the floor. Then there’s more likely to be a fumble on the sofa rather than a scramble for the exit.

drive women away

Don’t be too clingy / Available

I used to be a clingy guy. I would hang around the phone all day waiting for my prospective other to text me back. Women would stay with me for a month maximum before they could bear the suffocation no longer. It wasn’t until later in life that I developed hobbies and developed a bit of a social life. I didn’t have time to sit around the phone all day and wait. Make this you too. Women love to know their potential partner has other interests besides them!

Don’t put her needs above yours

Are you a needy guy? Needy guys seem to love putting the responsibility on their partners. “I’m not too sure honey, what would YOU like to do?”. Make a god damn decision, Sir. The amount of times I’ve sacrificed my needs for other people is unreal, and it gets you absolutely nowhere. Don’t do it. I had a lovely lady once say to me, “I want my guy to stand up to me and tell me I’m doing it wrong; I don’t want him to agree with me all the time. I hate it, I wish he was more decisive” – there you go my friend. This is women the world over. If you want her to run a Mile faster than Tigist Tufa start agreeing with everything she tells you. If you don’t want to do it then discuss it with her.

drive women away

She is No. 1 and don’t forget that.

I can’t believe I’m having to write this down but again, it happens. You asked her out for a date because you want to be with her on a certain level. That doesn’t mean you should be checking the waitresses bum out, or the hot legs of the woman that walks by whilst you’re on a moonlit walk. She is currently the light of your life, and only her. Act like it my friend. Eyes on her, at all times.

She interests you. Act like it.

Some men are poor conversationalists; I get that. But definitely avoid talking about yourself all the time. That will lead her to snoozeville and catching the early bus home. I know, I know it’s hard to talk sometimes. I had this problem too actually. I would constantly drone about my own boring self because I hadn’t learned the proper art of conversation yet, and yes. I was nervous. An awesome tip would be to ask her open questions to get her talking. Pick something nice about her and roll with it. You can never go wrong. There’s nothing more people like do than talk about themselves; but it needs to be mutual! Give her the chance to talk about herself.

Hope I’ve helped!!

And there we have it. 5 things that drive women away. Avoid them. And I definitely hope these help someone on some level. I aim to empower. If I have helped then I myself have achieved something. 🙂


5 things that drive women away
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