6 Dating Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Wannabe Aphrodite’s

6 Dating Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Wannabe Aphrodite’s

So you’re dating this guy, and oh my god he is the best thing that’s ever happened to you. He likes horror movies (which by god do you LOVE), Denny’s lunches and cosy nights by the TV. Every time you’re with him you just get lost in those eyes.. oh, those bloody lovely eyes, how you can daydream forever.

Yet.. he doesn’t seem brilliant at calling you, or even turning up for that matter. When you do meet up it’s sparce. You’ve always thought dating was a more connected event but when he’s with you, yes, he seems really interested but getting him to meet you at least once a week is becoming tiresome!!

It’s fine. I’m a guy. I know how we think. Read on 🙂

Us men are simple beings, we crave simple things in a simple life for a simple time. There are only a few things you need to know about us to keep us truly happy; I mean proper in your pocket happy. The kind of happiness that has us begging to see you again and clearing our schedule for you. And, luckily for you I’ve drawn up a few of my dating hacks to help you along with us guys that little bit more. I’m not saying this is a quick fix, but it will certainly peak his interest much more.

Take interest in us and exaggerate the awesomeness of our achievements.

You need to remember that a guy and his ego goes hand in hand with his connection to himself. As a man I need to feel dominant, king of my domain, fearless and have great achievements to my name. So if you’re man is talking about the cool thing that impressed his manager at work – spank the shit out of that. “Wow! who knows? Perhaps next year you’ll make management if they’re impressed with that”, “I bet Management sees good things in you, I can tell you’re a winner” “I’ve always known you were an achiever” anything similar to give us that uplift in thought process. Do it naturally, do it often. He’ll absolutely adore you for it.

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If we’re down, be down with us.

If we’ve had a rubbish day then talk to us about it (if we want to talk about it that is), emphasize with us and say, “I know how you feel, my Manager/ex/friends wasn’t great with me in my last job/relationship/outing”. Remember. When you learn to navigate our egos you have unlocked the door to the secret kingdom of manworship

(Only if you’re sexual with each other) Sometimes we just like you to grab our cocks and (Insert pleasurable thing that you would like to do with said cock)

Men are inherently sexual. Spreading our seed is as natural as eating a hot dinner, or breathing. To us sex is a need. We have a basic need to spread forth our seed several times a week, or however active your dating partner is. Play out our fantasies, Play out your fantasies, communicate with us and tell us what you like too, work him up into a frenzy that he’s practically ejaculating before he’s even took your first layer of clothing off.

Let him lead

Behind every great man there is an even greater woman. This saying is never truer. Let him lead, let him make decisions, or at least let him think he’s leading and making all the decisions. One of my most memorable moments with my wife is taking her hand in the leading position as we walked down the street hand in hand for the first time. It raised my confidence ten fold. Some ladies are more confident than their men but you can lead from behind. Let him make the decisions but have your input and veto the silly ones. Your man needs to think he is leading.

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Listen to him fully

One of the biggest dating complaints is women telling their friends that their new man just doesn’t bloody LISTEN! Yet, what a lot of women miss out is the subconscious and subliminal messages they are sending out. When you nag your partner it sends their ego into a tailspin, they become closed, defensive and agitated, and sorry, but that’s why he’s not listening. Why not tell him that it would make you feel better if he were to compliment you more? If he didn’t sit there playing xbox that you both could probably go out for a meal and back for some well earned sex. Again, only some suggestions to try but the trick is to not directly tell him to do something because it clashes with their damn egos.

And last but not least: Play the damsel in distress

It’s not seen proper to do this in the dating scene nowadays because women apparently need to be strong, efficient and hold down jobs et al. But, there’s nothing wrong with acting the damsel in distress. Watch your man’s peacock feathers display in bright colours as you ask him to open a jar that you can’t, or lift something you can’t, or do something you can’t. Seriously, we love that. We really, really do. Act fragile once in a while, let us do stuff for you. We looove it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little dating hacks post 🙂


6 Dating Hacks A Cheat Sheet for Wannabe Aphrodite’s
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