Things That Matter When You Are Dating

Things That Matter When You Are Dating

So it’s your fourth date and you’re about to take her out to the best restaurant in town. Tonight’s the night! Yup, you’ll be wining, dining and sixtynining her afterwards. You both sit down as the lovely waiter pushes her seat in. The dress she’s wearing. Mmmm, you can just picture yourself sliding that off her as it exposes her glistening body for you to do as you please with. Mmmm. Wow. Hurry up dinner!

“What? Oh, yes, the steak is lovely dear”

In the car drive home you catch a glimpse of her beautiful legs, freshly clean shaven and would feel awesome tightly weaved around your back, squeezing your thighs in a frenzy of glorious pleasure.

Her boobs? God, look at those pert mountains resting easily behind that red little number she has on. You just can’t wait to rip those out in a frenzied exposé of her womanhood.

“Huh? Definitely. It was lovely. I really liked how my steak was cooked to perfection. How was yours?”

As she leaves the car she kisses you on the cheek and tells you she has to be in bed early tonight because of that stressful thing she has at work. Never to be seen… again.

“Tight bitch. Using my money for fancy dates. They’re all the same”

It’s not “Keep them” it’s “don’t mess up”

Ah, the age old theory. Now that you’ve made the move and have your prospective dating partner with you; you may think that your next move is to somehow keep them as your partner. But it’s actually to prevent them from walking out the door. See what I did there? Uh huh. Yup, I shifted the focus onto you. It’s not about you keeping them, it’s about keeping yourself in check so they don’t leave. Here’s a fly on the wall perspective from the same woman.

Her Story

“Wow. He’s taking me to that restaurant that I’ve always wanted to go to. Can’t wait to go. I really like him. He’s better than most I’ve dated recently. He has a car, and a job, and he always, always compliments me. I feel better about myself. Hope he’s not going to want sex. Shit. I hope he’s not doing all this for sex. I’m, I’m just not a four date girl. Nah, he understands. I need to see more of him before I commit to anything like that. He’s just not like that”

You both sit down as the lovely waiter pushes his seat in.

“Jesus. What’s gone wrong here? This once lovely guy has turned into a slobbering mess. I want to look good, but it’s not so he can stare at me all night. Ugh, my face is up here Harry”

“Harry! HARRY; is your steak nice?”

In the car drive home all he does is eye you up like some fresh bit of meat. I thought we discussed my sexual preferences on the first date? Obviously like every other man alive he saw me as a talking vagina. I fucking hate men. I’m going celibate.

“Did you enjoy the night out?”

I gave him a peck on the cheek because I’m not a bitch, but I deserve some respect you know? I’m not just some fresh piece of sex to be used and thrown aside. Seriously? Did he honestly think it would only take a night out in a fancy restaurant? Men! Jesus.

Conclusion, you idiot 🙂

So, yes. Dating is a bidirectional communication thing. I’m not here to say what is wrong or right but just make sure you are both on the same page. Seriously. If she tells you she won’t do it then there’s no magic formula. And if you wont give in that easily make sure he fully understands it.

As I keep saying, communication, communication, communication. Oh, and don’t appear like a sex-starved sexpest 🙂


Things That Matter When You Are Dating
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