A Survivor’s Prayer

Our Father

Our Father
Who art in Heaven

Our Father
Who art in Heaven
And provides a blistering Hell
Hallowed be thy name
Father, Daddy, Dad

Father who art in Heaven
Pardon et moi

Our Father
Loathing you
Screaming through
Your sky until my
Hoarse voice
Offends the Seraphim
(They never liked me anyway)

Hail Mary, Ave Mary
And pardon me
But thank You
For the delerium
Through adolescence
For the divorce that gave me
Depression, dyslexia, schizophrenia

Forgive my trespasses, forgive them
From that time with Katie or Leah
(I was only eight)
To the grapefruit incident
(I didn’t mean to hit her
No, Yes, I did)

Let pass the time I hit
My mother with the
7-up bottle
(The bullwhip and the wooden
spoon told the flyswatter
to tell me to)

Make allowances Father
For the quarters I’ve
Stolen and white
Lies to make me look
Better for
The one shot too many–
God, that felt good
Thank you

Thank you but
Don’t pardon me
For the broken chastity
You let them Father
You let them rape me
into promiscuity

Hate my loathing Father
Retaliate against my malice
Detestable God
Hear my prayer

Help me

Help me with my dishes

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Sheila L. Ferguson

Sheila Ferguson is a 30-something year-old Canadian-American Fashion Designer, Photographer, Author and Entrepreneur. Artistic expression- her focus. Ferguson studied in Studio Art and Creative Writing at Indiana University. Her artistic talents have taken her on a multidisciplinary journey that is constantly evolving, but one she has nevertheless named JealousyJane. Her work is frequently published internationally in magazines, galleries, and websites.

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