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One day I had stepped outside to prep my garden soil before the weather had decided to stay cold, blow hard or turn up the sunshine. I wore an apron over a ...


No one wants to hear about the hard days or the mental struggles when positivity doesn't win. These are the worst days. These are the days when I wonder if ...


With bloodied mouth, glasses askew and belly exposed for the world’s social media scrutiny, United Express Flight 3411 passenger, Dr. David Dao, was brutally ...


Bob pulls up to my place of work, and texts me he’s waiting outside. I tell my staff I’ll be gone a few hours; it’s a breakfast meeting. I’m smiling when I ...

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    Charli Mills May 12, 2017 at 6:35 am

    I hope I can help others open up and talk about that which is hard and vulnerable to speak. I do think it’s also a mystery of sorts as to what might trigger the pit thinking, so this is also an honest exploration. I appreciate those who are not afraid of the stigma to try and understand. Thank you for being a supportive friend!

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