7 ways to better the quality of your life overnight

Life can be challenging at the best of times.

I, for one must have had the most useless, chaotic, unstructured and unproductive life there ever was. I’d go to work, come home, eat dinner and go to the pub. Before I met my lovely wife I had no idea about keeping myself healthy, being well or loving myself. My house was a mess, my social life was a mess. Argh, my life was just a mess. For me it was a long drawn out process of learning little by little. I’m not the best of learners. I need some time to process things.

Luckily for you I’ll be going through a lovely little list which wasn’t available to me, and, if I had read some of this stuff it would have improved my quality of life ten fold. Seriously, it would have.

Before you go out tonight or switch TV on, tidy up after yourself

Sounds basic, right? You won’t believe the amount of people that I’ve lived with in the past in lodgings that have cared not for what they live in. I’ve always abide by ‘I don’t shit where I sleep’ and this should be exactly the same for you. Wash up after yourself. Put those packages in the bin. Clean up the table after yourself. By maintaining a clean and tidy house it will transform your mind in no time. Honestly.


Never go to bed on an argument

Sounds serious, but it’s not really. My family absolutely loved to keep me hanging overnight before we worked things out. I could never sleep, and of course vice versa. Make sure you try and go to bed on a good note with those you love rather than a bad one, because you never ever know what will happen tomorrow. Oh, and you’ll find it harder to sleep and rest well.

Reduce your caffeine intake

No, noooo, NO! Not the coffee I hear you say whilst clinging onto your empty mug for dear life. I’m not saying end your relationship with the bean only reduce it. It’s proven that caffeine increases anxiety, stress and anything that makes you a jittery ball of mess. Reduce it and you’ll find yourself sleeping better, having warmer moments when it’s relaxation time and dare I say better sex? I’ve found an increase in sex drive and sexual pleasure since I have reduced the bean.

Have sex or masturbate lots

I speak to men here, and duly noted that probably 99% of you have this one sorted but there have been times in my life where I’ve went at least two months without sex or masturbation, and some of the warped crazy shit that entered my mind during the end of those months, well, I’d rather not expose you to that. The same can be said for just withholding for a week, or even a few days depending on your nature because I find that when I resist the urge I begin to overflow with internal emotion. It’s a biological need for men, and never ever think that satisfying that need is ever dirty, or un pure or whatever. Consent is positively the key though! Remember that one.

mind blowing sex

Text an old friend you haven’t talked to in ages

Jesus man, what are you waiting for? I see tons of statuses on Facebook about people not speaking to their old friends because they never have the time but that they should know they are always in their hearts. Fucking pick up that phone and give them a call/text to tell them that you’re missing them. Or better yet turn up at their doorstep.

Go to bed earlier

Midnight owl like me? Yeah, I should take my own advice on this one, but when work isn’t demanding that you work all hours of the day then perhaps go to bed earlier than usual. Switch the lights off at 10 and see how long you sleep for. Turn off that phone, get off the PC, anything with a screen is a mind stimulant and will have you up longer than you intended to be up – we all know that one. Turn everything off, snuggle up in the covers the better side of 12am and doze off.

Eat in more

Let’s face it. Pizzas are the bees knees for us in the family. We always have a Pizza when we’re feeling flush and have a bit of money to throw around. But it doesn’t do well for my digestion. Same with any other quick food we happen to order. I swear nothing tastes and feels better than freshly cooked food at home. It’s healthier and sits better in your gut. Trust me on that one 🙂

home cooked food

And that’s it from me. Hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Please feel free to leave a reply below.

7 ways to better the quality of your life overnight
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