Brexit in a Nutshell: My dear overseas friends.

Brexit in a Nutshell: My dear overseas friends.

I’ve had one or two of my European and wider area friends ask me what’s actually going on in Brexit. What’s happening in the United Kingdom as we speak. And because it’s far too complex to write in sentences over direct message I thought I’d compile a non-biased (hopefully) blog post so that it gives my friends, and other people a wider understanding of what’s happening in Great Britain right now. What is actually happening via the people, and the government. I’ll also try and drop links whenever I can.

The Masses

So let’s start with us. The lowly people of the UK. What’s happening between me, my friends and practically everyone I know outside of Facebook.

Think of a situation that you REALLY didn’t think would happen but actually did. I don’t know, say Trump won the presidency. The Brexit vote was deeply divided. The people that voted to move out of the European Union did so by 52%, and the people that voted to stay in 48%.

And it’s not as simple as that either. Scotland voted 62% in favour to remain and 55.8% of people in Northern Ireland voted to remain too. But because England has the majority of people, smaller countries have to, as they always have, go whichever way England votes. And being Scottish I knew what the consensus in Scotland was like twenty years ago when it seemed whatever, as a country, they voted for, did not matter. I dread to think what the opinions are now.

And London. London was the only English constituency to vote overwhelmingly in favour to remain in the European union. So that determines that roughly 90% of England wanted out.

So now that Brexit won the vote and people that wanted to, “take their country back” which was practically the official slogan for the campaign, are in high spirits with a hope for a new future, and, people that voted to remain are scared for the future. So we’ve taken to the masses in Facebook, divided as a country to spout out our hatred between each other. Myself included before I took a little step back.

People that wished to remain are blaming intolerance and xenophobia on the Brexit vote. Telling Brexiters that they voted purely on their intolerances and are just a bunch of ignorant racists that can’t see evolution for what it is. They also blame the older generation for stealing their vote away, for looking at their life through rose tinted glasses and forgetting how crap Britain actually was twenty years ago.

The Brexit camp, angered by remain’s growing intolerance for the people that voted the way they have done have taken it upon themselves to tell the opposition that, “they are being just as intolerant as the people they are angry at”

It has been literally madness on Social Media for the last week. People unfriending others, long-standing friendships being broken and slagging matches have been rife. A whole bunch of new meme’s have appeared blaming the youth, blaming the old, blaming everyone. People are unsettled. People are angry. At each other.

And it’s not just that. Since the Brexit vote was declared there have been Donald Trump style incidents in the UK where people have outrightly told others to “Fuck off home”, and it’s not a few isolated incidents, it has been many. Too many to count.

One thing I was always proud of in the UK was that we were one of the most tolerant and diverse countries in the world. Not now. The Brexit vote has given a HUGE rise to casual racism, and, it’s perfectly normal now to be “casually racist” – we have public speakers like Katie Hopkins comparing refugees to cockroaches, and the common Newspapers like The Sun, The Daily Mail and The Telegraph, all spouting xenophobic hatred and bile.

Which in turn has divided us, split us as a country and entirely in two. But let’s not detract the fact that there were many issues that people who wanted a change from Europe voted to leave. What I explain are the after effects of the result and the growing unsettledness of the aftermath.

Political Rulers

Think of Game of Thrones for a moment, and then attribute that to what our Politicians are doing as I write this. Here’s how I understand what has been happening through the many, many articles I have divulged on the issue.

Let’s whizz back to before the last General election. When the Tory vote was still unsure and David Cameron had to pull something big out of the hat to get people to vote for him. So part of his campaign he was going to offer the general public a vote on Europe, something that the Conservatives and Labour have stalled on and backpedalled for many, many years.

Now good old Dodgy Dave thought that once again if he were in power he would have to share the responsibility with the Liberal Democrats, and, a vote on the referendum is something they would have vetoed straight off. Great thing for Dave because he could then blame them to the public for not getting their referendum and his career would be intact.

What he didn’t count on was winning full charge of Britain.

One thing I admire him for was sticking to his guns and actually offering the public a referendum on Europe. There were many broken promises from his party but that is one that he kept. Probably because he knew that to not go through with it would have been suicide.

So along comes bumbling Boris. Not actually in charge of London anymore and looking to advance his Political career even further, him, The Chancellor of the Exchequer (George Osbourne) and a few other Etonian chums band together and create a campaign for Leave, or Brexit as they call it. I doubt they had any intentions of winning, I am sure they were fully expecting the public to vote overwhelmingly to remain.

But for Boris, this, again, was a Political move to advance his career for the top notch spot. Win or lose he could blame good old Dave for the result and challenge him for his leadership.

Everyone just assumed that Dave would do the after referendum leg work and trigger Article 50, which is basically the letter to the EU that starts the ball rolling on Britains Exit.

No-one considered that on the day of the Election he’d resign.

And as he resigned he left the job of triggering Article 50 to the person that’s next in charge, which whoever does this is pretty much just committed Political suicide. There is actually no-way-out of that one and he knows it. Gold old Boris, or whoever is next thought they could jog along after we were out and after Article 50 had been triggered and blame everything on Dave. But he’s resigned.

There’s no escaping this one. And no-one wants to push it.

George Osbourne and Boris Johnson basically went missing for an entire weekend – you’d think after their sterling victory they would be everywhere to be seen. No. George appeared today and stated that he won’t be running for the top spot. Boris has yet to state that he’s running for it. In fact four(?) days after Brexit I know of no-one that’s stood for the job, yet.

Schoolboy playground tactics. With our lives might I add.

Our country is in a total mess. We’re fucked.

And then there’s Labour. There have been resignations left, right and centre. In fact, most of Labours backbenchers have resigned in protest of their current leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who is very leftist in what he believes. Yet Jeremy Corbyn has stated that he will not resign. His only friends right now are his supporters, which unilaterally want him to stay.

So we have our two main parties – that have ruled since the times of Winston Churchill acting like five-year-olds.

The only grown up in this whole debacle has been Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland and Leader of the SNP. She was fully prepared for this result, she’s had an exit plan and she’s been on the newspapers, TV and the press. I wish our leaders were this grown up. The future looks mighty uncertain for Scotland, but it looks far better with Nicola at the helm.

And little old me (my thoughts)

I’d just like to say that I voted to remain. I didn’t want any of this. I knew a vote to leave would mean a huge rise to the far right. I knew it would bring out xenophobia and casual racism. I couldn’t believe it. It was like something out of “Trump’s future plans for America” where far right Politics would take a more centre stage. I’ve watched the tweets, the videos and the statuses of the ever growing line witnesses to what is unfolding in front of our very eyes.

My friend, Kerry, a lady that I know because our children go to the same school, she had to pull a sign down that told immigrants to “fuck off back home” late Friday night. This is just the start of it. And because all of our Politicians are scared to trigger Article 50 I fully expect a more authoritarian and even further to the right party to take the Prime Minister spot in 2020 should nothing happen.

And it’s not just immigration. I’ve watched as the pound has plummeted. And I feel this is just that start of a bigger beast. I can’t honestly state much on the economy because I know not much on it. But I do know it’s going down. I do know my capital and investments are plummeting as we speak. And yes, I do have investments.

I’ve watched as the Politicians, so wildly active last week and beating their chests like wild animals have retreated to their caves. Where are they now? Does this not show us that their sudden disappearance and because they aren’t partying that something is rotten in the state of Denmark?

Have we not learned anything since 1945?

But hey. I’m trying not to fear-monger. We really shouldn’t be angry at one another. We shouldn’t be tearing each other apart on social media or in the street. We should be angry at one thing and one thing only.

Why would Politicians play with our lives like such for their personal ambitions? Does that not just show you how much they actually care about us, the British people?

Did people really know what they were voting for?

And I leave you on that note.

Thanks for reading: Brexit in a Nutshell: My dear overseas friends.

Brexit in a Nutshell
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Raymond is a Mental Health activist and cryptocurrency enthusiast. He fuels his activism by taking to the web and trying to create core change in the way people interact. As an ex-Community​ Manager, Raymond has a unique approach to communication and relationships and believes the way forward in life is improving the interactions between one another. Raymond started his blogging activities as a way to heal from a chequered past, and through this, his blog has become something far more empowering than he ever imagined. And thus, The Relationship Blogger Magazine was born.


  1. Just last week (before Brexit) I was praising the UK for being such an open and multi-cultural country. And England being a country close to heart I’m pretty shocked at the mania and incidents after Brexit. This article explains the storyline til today’s challenges the country face. Having a refugee background, being black and having a muslim name (but not actually being one), I ask myself when will the world respect the differentl factors that set us apart. Show more compassion for one another. Seek to understand or educate themselves before lashing out based on fears. For that’s what it is – fear at its ugliest!
    Thank you for this insightful post and for sharing your opinion on the matter.

    1. Thanks very much for commenting Amina!! And yes. When will we ever? We’re vastly growing. When will we finally accept that isolation never works and collaboration is always, always the way forward!

  2. I have to say – all Brexit votes cannot be considered to have come from a racist position as they are now being accused of – I know people who voted out because the reverse is true – they were tired of having GLOBAL trading and immigration possibilities heavily restricted by being in the EU. Many UK people want the freedom to trade globally and have the freedom to hire in specific skills from anywhere in the world without a ton of red tape from Brussels making it virtually impossible. I know many Brexit voters who embrace the whole globe, not just a small part of it that wants to keeps the UK under its thumb. Who’s to say if they are right? With such a massive issue, I am not sure that there is a definitive right or wrong position – there are many pros and cons on both sides. Great post here on it though.

    1. Thanks, Gilly! – I tried to summarise it as best as I could. It’s clearly not a black or white issue. And yes, the whole UK are tired and want change. 🙂

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