Why Are Men So Emotionally Closed Off?

why are men emotionally closed off

I think it’s a social and cultural thing. To be closed off. I don’t think it’s natural. I’m as open as a book to anyone and everyone, and that to me feels more empowering than being closed off and guarded. Men have been this way since the victorian times. It’s been woven into the very…

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How to Inspire Change by Listening to People Rather than Talking to Them

to inspire change

We don’t listen enough Were you aware that not many people know how to properly listen? I know because I used to be in that bracket. Listening for me had always been in the past, and exercise for me to answer what was being said to me on the surface, and not properly take in what…

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Basic communication is becoming a lost art: how to relearn it

why communication is becoming a lost art

My world today I experienced lack of communication first hand today. It wasn’t the first time, though. As my communication skills have deepened and broadened it seems the world has slowly immersed into a little shell of insularity. I was shopping in Morrisons earlier and I passed one of the Mums in my kids class…

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My (quite controversial) definition of depression

my definition of depression

Depression is a fucker Depression is a fucker. I mean it. It sucks the life out from us from right under our feet. One moment we’re sitting there, happy, enjoying the sunshine and the warm sun rays as we gently splash our feet in the warm blue water, and then BOOM. Like a thunderous, odious and…

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Absence at work – why mental health still isn’t talked about

absence at work

Absence at work – My Son and his School I’ve just had to keep my son off School today. I hate keeping him off school because I always have to battle with the absence officer as to why he’s taken time off again, without authorisation. By authorisation that means I have to take him to…

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Why are women so mean? – Thoughts from a man

why are women so mean

Why are women so mean? Women, like men, can be pretty mean at times. If you’re thinking to yourself that women aren’t mean at all, then you either see the world through naive rose tinted glasses, or you have some pretty nice friends. I haven’t asked myself this question for a while now, why are…

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Beautiful women – why men need to think differently

beautiful women

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Before I start here, I’d like to say beautiful women is always in the eye of the beholder. What I class as beautiful may be another mans trash heap and vice versa. I realised that early in life when my friends would joke about the ladies I…

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Why no-one listens. Not really

why no-one listens. Not really

Concentrating on myself Engaging in anything other than my own life at the moment kind of sucks right now. I don’t feel listened to. Not by many people anyway. I think it’s fair to say that no-one listens or really takes in what I have to say. And I get it, you know? Everyone has…

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Why are women so emotional? – A man’s thoughts

why are women so emotional - the mans guide

Why are women so emotional? Why are women so emotional? Because they are up front and direct about their emotions. I have just finished watching season 2 of MTV’s “Ex on the beach” and it plays right into that exact stereotype. In this show, the men are cool, calm and collected and mostly only want…

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