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A work in progress. The editor, the owner and several of our artists hosted on this Magazine are on the autistm spectrum. We try and define what it is to be autistic and how it effects us on a day to day basis, and as adults. We’ll speak about how we’ve slipped through the cracks in a society that demanded you were on the extreme end to be recognised. Stay tuned. We have a lot to say.

is autism hereditary

Is Autism Hereditary? My thoughts and perceptions.

I live with a family of undiagnosed Autistic people. If you were to ask me, "is Autism hereditary?" Then through my experiences I would give you a...
autism and the generation it missed

Autism and the generation it missed

Autism and the generation it missed I'm an 80's child, most of my friends are. Some are 90's children, but a high portion of them are from the...
when I realised I had aspergers

When I realised I had Aspergers

When I realised I had Aspergers I was an 80's child. I was missed. We're all stepping out the woodwork and being counted. My Auntie had suggested that I...

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