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The Clay Brick Memorandum

In the early 1990’s, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, I was part of a group of artists from the U.S.A and Europe...

purgatory and no leverage

    Photo Credit:  Sopwell Memories

Words Written in Marker

Grief leads such a contrary existence. People have to die in order for it to be born. My brother died in Richmond, Virginia on...

Mrs. Knapp’s Ice Cream Cone

The first school I attended was the storied one-room schoolhouse. An old whitewashed building with a red roof and a vane on the peak,...

Breaking with Tradition: our November Call

UGH! Pictured here is a tragedy of tradition. What I have fondly come to think of as Mr.-Tippy-Head-Candy-Face came into my life, um, some time ago. I...

Quality of Life and Iftar Ghazel

--   -- Photo: Leland Kent/Caters News  

The Big Bang of Self-Awareness

Twenty-three and recently single after a painful break-up, graduated from college but still waiting tables, I pretended to myself that I was already both...

More Than a Teacher, He was a Mentor

Mr. Joe Bryant was an educator who demanded excellence in his students and taught me the true meaning of being a man and leading...

I sit on other people’s porches and Here’s What Scares Me

I sit on other people's porches originally published in John's collection "dig it"

Lessons at 40

This past July and August, I worked on my tan. As I sit here typing my nose is even a little sunburned, something I...