Color Inspiration For Your Wedding Decoration

If you’re looking to plan a wedding that’s going to stand out and give you a lifetime’s worth of memories, you want to start by choosing a unique color palette.

Color inspiration for your wedding decoration starts with thinking about the venue and season that your wedding date falls in, before zooming in to think about the mood you’re trying to create. Whether you’re trying to achieve a playful and fun look or a more lavish and intimate ambiance, it’s important to remember that the colors you choose are going to impact other decisions, like your bridesmaid dresses.

With all of this in mind, let’s invoke some color inspiration for your wedding decoration.

1.     Yellow and Magenta

The yellow and magenta look is perfect if you’re planning a laid back, summery wedding. This is a vibrant color scheme that’s going to be bold and stand out, so if you’re looking to add a confident feel to your wedding decoration, this could be the one.

Because this is such a colorful choice, we recommend pairing it with neutral colors – especially at the reception. Try going for a neutral tablecloth – or you could even try getting rid of the tablecloths altogether and opting for natural wood as your base.

2.     Emerald and Gold

If you’re thinking of an over the top look that’s going to represent all things lavish and lovely, try a color combination of emerald and gold. This glam, sparkly look is bound to stand out, and help the important things at your wedding to combine and look gorgeous – like the breathtaking color in your diamond ring.

It’s also going to go well with your dress if you’ve chosen one set with sparkly diamantes, or if you’ve got a dainty tiara holding your veil in place. This chic, indulgent color inspiration goes well with sequined runners and cream tablecloths.

3.     Burgundy and Orange

If your wedding venue is a vineyard or you’re just getting married in the fall, then you may want to think about burgundy and orange for your wedding decoration.

These timeless colors have an old-world feel to them, and when they’re paired with moody, detailed accessories, they’ll create an intimate, romantic setting. We recommended adding hanging floral arrangements overhead at the reception to top it all off.

4.     Tangerine and Yellow

If you’ve skipped the fall idea and are anticipating a balmy, summery wedding, look no further than tangerine and yellow for your color inspiration.

We recommend pairing many floral arrangements with plain white backdrops to really let the colors pop. We also recommend keeping the table settings simple so that you don’t end up being overwhelmed by too much color.

5.     Black and White and Pale Green

If you’ve always dreamed of a formal wedding, then you may want to work in classic colors with a little bit of cream. The cream helps to soften those often bold classic colors – and you can even mix a bit of white in as well.

Try pairing this color palette with some natural succulents, and you have yourself a modern, formal wedding decoration.

Picking out the perfect color palette for your wedding decoration is no easy feat. There are a lot of things to consider when making this decision, from the venue to the season and even what you want the reception to feel like.

Whether it’s a balmy summery wedding or you’re looking forward to bringing out your formal best, start with this list of color inspiration, and you’ll find the perfect wedding decoration that matches your dreams.

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