Coming Home to Yourself

Heart and Humanity's January Call for Submissions

For most of us, self-acceptance is the highest mountain we will climb in this lifetime.

Even if we had “perfect” parents (no such thing and not a fair standard to hold anyone to), from our earliest memories we received messages, both tacitly and explicitly, about our “not okay-ness”.  And while a lot of these messages either had more to do with the messenger’s mood or our cultural conditioning towards conformity than with our actual selves, we processed them as the truth:  I am not good enough as I am.  So we accept ourselves as deficient or we fight against it, struggling to become more as others wish us to be until at last, in our exhaustion we realize there is no place like home.

Home being your true self, that is.

In the month of January, Heart and Humanity wants to share your stories of self-discovery and self-acceptance—what have you struggled about yourself with and what was the turning point for you?  How did self-acceptance change your relationships, your work, your life?  What insights can you share with people to encourage them on their journeys to self-love?

We want your stories as essays poems, or even fiction.  Share with our readers your personal homecoming.

We will accept 10-12 paid pieces per month; to be eligible, January submissions must be received at [email protected] by December 15th.

Please refer to our master submissions page for details on how to submit and invoice for payment.

We look forward to reading your work!

~Kara and Shawna

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Kara Post-Kennedy

Kara is Managing Editor at Heart and Humanity Magazine as well as an editor, columnist and social interest group leader at The Good Men Project. Read her on Huffington Post and her personal blog "Your New Best Friend". Follow her on twitter @kpk_newbf


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