Divorce Sucks. . . And it’s Awesome

Divorce sucks. I moved here and took a non-ideal job so that she could be closer to her parents. What was I rewarded with? Getting cheated on. Multiple times.

Divorce is awesome. Bloomington is actually a pretty nice little town, and with the cost of everything as low as it is, I wouldn’t be able to afford my airplane by myself anywhere else in the nation.

Divorce sucks. I kept my vows, and she didn’t. But the “no fault” divorce states don’t care. I am over 80% financially responsible for my son, but I only see him half time now. And I never got a say.

Divorce is awesome. I get to do what I want, when I want when my son isn’t around. I’m rested and energized during the days I do have with him, and I feel that makes me a better dad.

Divorce sucks. Not only do I get to see my son half time, I have to give my ex several hundred dollars a month in child support.

Divorce is awesome. Even though I’m down an income and have to pay child support, my net worth had drastically increased in the 3 years I’ve been divorced.

Divorce sucks. It’s been shown that men have a harder time moving on emotionally after divorce, and I feel that has definitely been the case for me.

Divorce is awesome. Now that I’m single, I can paint the town red and fuck anything that walks.

Divorce sucks. I’m a teetotaler, so bars aren’t my thing. I am awkward, autistic and don’t meet very many women around town. I’m at that weird age where everyone else my age is taken, older women don’t want someone with a young kid, and I’m just at that ‘creepy’ age for the 20-somethings. I haven’t been laid in 3 years.

Divorce is awesome. I bought myself a Jaguar for Christmas, and I didn’t have to justify my purchase to anyone or explain why I “need” it. The 470 horsepower of sexy is all the explanation I need.

Divorce sucks. I miss sharing my accomplishments with a special someone, someone who knows and understands how far I’ve come, and what I’m yet capable of.

Divorce is awesome. Since my divorce, I’ve been overseas 3 times. I took a trip to Singapore a few months after the divorce was finalized because I’ve always wanted to go and I wanted to check out the Formula 1 Grand Prix they hold there. I went to Singapore again last year, taking my son with me for his 7th birthday because he said he wanted to go too.

Divorce sucks. I’ve been a lonely loner all of my life, and sometimes it feels I’m getting too comfortable with it. I don’t want to become a bitter old curmudgeon, shutting love out of my heart.

Divorce is awesome. Even though I feel in some ways the deck is stacked against me, I still have hope. I’m still young, and have the option to be picky. I’m not in a rush.

Divorce sucks. I still feel stuck and unable to move on in several ways. It doesn’t feel right dating a woman with full custody of her children because I can’t help but think about my own son. If things get serious and we blend families, I would be more of a father to someone else’s children over my own child, and that’s not fair to him.

Divorce is awesome. I’m a pilot and own my own airplane, and take my son on adventures with me. Whether we are island hopping in Lake Erie or admiring the skyscrapers while flying by Lake Shore Drive, we always have a good time.

Divorce sucks. I bought my airplane in November of 2014. My ex started her second affair that December.

Divorce is awesome. She must have been jealous of my plane, and my plane has yet to let me down. I think I got the better end of that deal!

Divorce sucks. And it’s awesome. Like everything in life, the outcome depends on how you respond to it. I can’t say that I’m not still hurt and angry by her betrayal, but I know it had nothing to do with who I am as a person, and everything to do with the fact that she was just jealous of my airplane, and couldn’t compete with the long, slender wings that help me defy gravity. Yes, that explains it all!

Joel Nordness currently resides in Bloomington, Indiana and does IT for a living. He thinks about Autism, Aviation, and divorce way too much, but writes about these a lot less than he wants to. In his free time, he slowly works on his memoir, flies around in his airplane, and dreams about starting his own rocket company.

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