Editor’s Update: Quarterly Syndication Bonuses for Oct-Dec 2017 are Happening!

Dear Artists,

We are happy to say that syndication began last quarter. If your work has been syndicated, you will receive an email with instructions on how to invoice for your opt-in quarterly bonus (Oct-Dec 2017). If you do not receive instructions, there is still a chance your work will be picked up on our syndicated feed. We hope to keep rewarding you for the work you do. The Relationship Blogger is growing because you are willing to share your voices and your stories.
Please be aware that part of our syndication earnings goes toward raising initial payouts for all artists. If you DO NOT receive an invoicing email, feel free to check our Steemit syndication feed to make certain you weren’t missed: Notify [email protected]¬†between the dates of January 24-31 if you believe you were missed. Emails will be checked by date.
A note on Steemit: Bear with us because we set up our syndication on a blockchain platform that pays in cryptocurrency called Steem Dollars. This translates to U.S. dollars or UK pounds, etc. With that said, and we realize this may sound like we are speaking through a scrambler, 50% of the SBD syndication earnings are put into an opt-in quarterly bonus pot for authors who have been syndicated. In plain English, 50% of immediate earnings go right back to you, the authors. HOWEVER, the alternate currency value fluctuates (as do all currencies) and does not one-for-one match the U.S. dollar. In short, the numbers you see on our syndication feed are not equivalent to the numbers you will receive in your bonus.
What about the remaining 50%? As a reminder, we are trying to increase monthly payouts for all authors. That other 50% pays for running TRB (staffing, marketing, opt-in pot, and more).
We hope to grow this pot next quarter as well as the percentage of payout you receive if at all possible as a thank you for all you have done.
We wish you health, wealth and joy in 2018.

Raymond Baxter

TRB Owner

Shawna Ayoub Ainslie

TRB Editor-in-Chief
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Shawna Ayoub Ainslie

Shawna Ayoub Ainslie is a mental wellness advocate and writing coach in Bloomington, IN. She teaches writing through trauma for release and recovery to survivors and veterans through the Center for Creative Writing, Ivy Tech Community College, and Survive Your Story. Shawna is also The Relationship Blogger's Editor-in-Chief.

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