Everything You Need to Know to Avoid a Bad Date

Having a bad date is not the end of the world! If this one didn’t go well, the next one will be better. And if your partner is interested more in you rather than the date that screwed up, she’ll stay. After all, it’s practically an epidemic, it happens with so many couples. Something unexpected happens (or the expected doesn’t happen), and it is taken straight to the heart.

Dates are definitely a combined effort by both parties. Even if one of you make a mistake, the entire evening will be spoiled (not literally).

Have you ever been on a date? If you haven’t, you must definitely ask someone with experience what the actual problems or hindrances can be to a smooth evening well spent with your beloved. From my perspective, there are many potential missteps which, if rectified, will bring fruitful results and romance in your life.

Go ahead and lay out the anything and everything that can make your perfect evening not-so-perfect. You can take a heads up from your date and plan accordingly. Remember: if you plan well in advance and put in a lot of effort, it’ll definitely count and will bring in a positive outcome.

Here are some pitfalls to avoid:

Overdoing it

It is understood that you want your relationship to bloom, but a date is just a beginning. You might want to stick to the basics while planning your date with someone new. Like, in my case, one of my dates felt that all the flowers, the venue, the gifts and the day spent was a lot and she left. On the other hand, the next time, when I avoided doing so much for my date, she left feeling I was not invested.

There will always be something that you want to do, but make sure that you know your date and plan things accordingly. After all, if she ain’t happy with what you do or what you don’t, the whole idea of doing it will go down the drain.

The hush-hush situation

You might have fallen for your other half after about 3 months of getting to know her. Or you took almost 6-8 months figuring out what kind of a person she is before you planned your first date. If you do anything and everything in a hush-hush manner, you’ll surely make a mistake. From arranging the day, to the date, to the venue and how to dress, make sure you take it slow, steady and stay organized. Take it slow and steady with the preparations, and clue her in.

Build up the confidence

When you are doing everything step by step, making sure that nothing is left undone, confidence creeps effortlessly. Every woman loves to have a partner who is confident. If you aren’t confident, it’ll show on your face. With the tension building up and questions like, “Will everything be okay?” “Will she like my gift?”, “I just hope the day goes smoothly’” and more, the confidence level drastically comes down.

If you choose a step-by-step planning approach, this won’t be a problem for you. Your focus will be where it should be.

Choose your clothes well

Dates days are not ordinary or regular days! If you pull out what you generally wear on the weekends, you might not come across as an impressive person. This occasion calls for something that you would love to wear to leave a long-lasting impression. Don’t go too formal with the tux or suit or way too casual with shorts for your date. Make sure you balance the best of both formal and casual to look your best. A pair of denim jeans with a casual shirt or a neatly dressed formal pair of pants and shirt would be ideal options.

Don’t be a show-off

Be the person who you are! Don’t try to show off your gadgets, clothing or how superior you are while on a date. This will get you into trouble. Nobody likes a show-off. Whether it your brand new Armani watch or your latest smartphone that you recently bought, DO NOT show off your accessories.

Don’t be late

A woman who takes hours to get ready for a date (this is not every woman) believes in reaching the venue on time and hence, starts getting ready early. Late arrival for a date is a bad start to the evening and it is considered to be bad manners as well. So, make sure you finish whatever is there on your plate well in advance and start preparing yourself in order for a timely arrival.

In fact, arriving before your ladylove and welcoming her as a host would be very welcome by her, and increase the chances of greater intimacy later in the evening.

Don’t stay on the phone

When you are with someone special, what is the phone doing between you two? Did you know that the majority of the relationships shatter because the significant others spend more time with their phones rather than the person itself? Well, if you want your date to be a successful one, consider keeping your phone switched off or at least on the silent mode to avoid a lot of distraction between your conversation with your partner. Get your work done beforehand so that no one disturbs you at that hour.

Make it a two-way traffic

Romantic evenings are either the times when you go completely quiet and have nothing to talk about or, out of stress, you talk a lot. I talk a lot when I’m stressed which has caused me date failure many times. The one thing I’ve learned is to keep a balance between what you have to say and how much you listening. A good listener is for sure a better date.

The above tips are based on my personal experiences or those of my friends. I hope they help you set up and enjoy your perfect date.

What experiences have you had that caused either date failure or success?

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