Freedom to love and not be judged

Freedom to love and not be judged

That’s an inspirational quote in itself. Freedom to love. When one loves another then the last thing we tend to do is judge each other. But what about the initial contact? What about on the first date when impressions count and the things that you talk about can make or break whether you both go for a second date or not? What about when you first meet a potential new friend but toss them aside as you learn they are a Jehovah’s Witness? Freedom to Love is all about removing the extremely uncomfortable situation of finding that one of you is non-religious and the other is a devout Roman Catholic. Sometimes this can be a stain on what could otherwise be a beautiful relationship. The difference of religion. Some people can’t see past the trouble it may cause.

I can remember when I lost my faith. I was a practising Roman Catholic. Or what I thought was one. I remember reading and searching and teaching myself the history of the humans and the world. How my religion slowly slipped away like dirt washing away from my body in the rain. I was angry. I was hurt that I had been told so many things as fact yet no-one had properly looked for themselves. I was lucky to have my wife as a mentor. She was non-religious. She never intervened with my beliefs but she helped me educate myself and helped with the despair when I lost it. I wish I had connected with other helpful people rather than other angry Atheists.

But this is where Freedom to love steps in. It’s a specialised site for those that have lost their faith or have never had faith. It’s for people that know all to well the impact of highly religious parents can have on the mentality of their non-religious children. It’s for people that have walked that journey before. Experienced the sometimes traumatic situations that can result from having no faith in a community of devoutly religious people. Having no faith can be the single most empowering, thought provoking and ownership of yourself situation to happen. But it can be a heavy burden to bare when socialising with those that can’t see past the grey man in the sky. They just can’t understand. Having no faith completely opposites yourself from anyone with faith.

Freedom to love beautifully encapsulates this and brings together people from all walks of life. People that “were” Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Atheists, Islamic and many more denominations of faith out there. They’ve all walked the walk and talk the talk and they are waiting to talk to you. Don’t get me wrong it’s not just a dating site. It’s a site for people that want to connect on many levels. Be that friendship, dating, love or even just getting to know people for the sake of learning from them. It’s all there. Even a blog section where people can add their own experiences where users can learn from them. I think mine will be up there soon! Keep an eye out.

I can remember when I stumbled across the website. How intrigued I was. I don’t often tell people my religious beliefs because that can get me into heated discussions that I’d rather not have. But I’m a Secular Humanist. I believe in Humanism. I think that everyone that is human should be treated equally regardless of situation or many of the denominations and labels that are attributed to us over the years. I just had to sign up. Because I’m all for meeting new people from different parts of the world. It’s interesting. Getting to know people that “were” jews, buddhists, catholics, protestants. I learn a great deal from them.

I hope you can too 🙂

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