Games I’m looking forward to in 2017

Games I’m looking forward to in 2017

If you’re like me and appreciate gaming then you’re going to love what I have for you. I watched E3 in its entirety this year. It’s probably the first year I’ve watched it fully. But because we’re becoming so technologically advanced, the playground for gaming is becoming fully immersive. It’s quite awesome actually. And, I’m looking forward to seeing what 2017 has in store for us.

I’m a fan of open world games. In fact, the more freedom that I have to do what I please with myself in-game, the better. I mean the missions in open world gaming can be pretty awesome. I think Red Dead Redemption and GTA V proved that with their ground breaking massive open worlds, and “attack it whichever way you want to” attitude. But this year. This year we’re venturing into an entirely new era of gaming. Which is why I want to move onto the first game.

WatchDogs 2

WatchDogs 2 boasts a humongous open world and promises a digital playground that will literally blow your mind. I played and completed the first game and I was left feeling rather cheated with the whole thing. The preview trailer boasted superior graphics with a chance to literally do anything you want to. When in actual fact the game itself, when it came out was a flunk. It took me weeks to download the game because everyone else wanted the same, which literally crashed their servers. Remember that? Remember the hype? And when I finally had the game downloaded and in my possession the graphics were substandard and there were severe limitations to what you could and couldn’t do during the game. Not quite what Ubisoft had promoted.

With this game, though, their sequel. They have promised us that they have listened to our concerns and feedback, and have incorporated a lot of this into the sequel. I must admit, I’m pensive but I’ll be buying it just to see. A lot of the gameplay we saw at E3 looked real and immersive. The preview boasted that we can tackle missions any way that we wanted. There was so much more freedom to explore the city, more missions, more control. It was quite exciting, to be honest. I also liked that instead of the traditional hacking cameras you could use drone bots to sweep the areas and hack.

One thing that truly stood out for me is the control that you had to effect the world around you. Like I could hack a random pedestrian and make their phone buzz out, or several other things. It brings a larger sandbox play area and a feel for control, which wasn’t available in the first episode.

I must admit. I’m frothing slightly at the mouth for this game.

Mafia III

This game I’ve been waiting for, for a long, long time. I heard about its release at the beginning of last year. And because I was such a fan of Mafia 2, I think this one will be amazing. I’m noticing there seems to be awesome graphical improvements over the last two years at least. And this one, this seems to push boundaries.

They haven’t released much of what will be available to us but it seems we will be able to ride through multiple scenarios and our choices through the game will dictate how the story will play out. I love that thought. We will also have underbosses that we can allot areas that we have recently taken over to, and by doing so will give us certain perks of the job. Just don’t give too much away to one person!!

I’ll be watching this closely as it further develops. The thing that I’m most excited about is that people will react to your environment. So whatever you do, the area that you are in will respond to your actions. And the response will be different depending on which area. Exciting!

Horizon Zero Dawn

I don’t normally go for this type of game. This type of game actually bores me. But there were two things that really stuck out for me. The first being that we have a lovely, feminine hero that isn’t sexualised in any way whatsoever. She’s just. A female with cool skills. I liked that for a start.

The second was looking at the world around the character was a mixture of Prehistoric times, and yet very advanced technologically. And in no way does it shout post-apocalyptic because that would have scared me a mile off. The game is literally beautiful, and smooth. The lead character walks, jumps and dives like a human. It’s quite graceful to watch. I must say. Another title I’m looking forward to.

Ghost Recon – Wildlands

I’m a massive fan of the Ghost Recon series. I even play the online multiplayer (phantoms) regularly. This game is very different to earlier releases, though. And, it’s another completely open world game. Again, I don’t know too much about what will be offered in this game except for the footage I’ve seen on YouTube, which has consisted of a few missions. I like the shooting mechanics and I love the drone! I literally can’t wait for this to come out.

There seems to be far more enemies guarding targets than before, now. I watched some footage of a heavily guarded target that was literally swamped with protecting enemies. And, if the players didn’t go in secretly there would literally be carnage. Quite exciting!I literally can’t wait for this to come out.

I literally can’t wait for this to come out.

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Games I’m looking forward to in 2017
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