Having a Good Relationship Status – How travelling can build this

Relationships require work. There is no doubt to it. If you want a good relationship status to succeed, you need to put in the effort. If one side is lacking in effort, so too will the relationship lack in growth.

Finding a common interest is a great way to do something together and create memories that will build your relationship. Having something that the two of you can share together will help the two of you build your relationship towards the future.

As far as what your common interest can be, I believe there is really nothing like travel to help build a good relationship status. There are so many elements involved with traveling. Whether it is planning, executing your plans, or the memories to be made while traveling, they all help you build your relationship.

However, what if you both do not share the love of travel? What if one person in the relationship enjoys travel, whereas the other one does not enjoy it? Well, there are so many aspects of travel that can be focused on. Just because somebody does not like travel does not mean that they wont enjoy anything while traveling.

In this sense, it is up to the couple to pursue things that they enjoy while traveling. Whether it is hiking, canoeing, relaxing on a resort, chilling on a beach, going bungee jumping, enjoying the night life, seeing wild animals on a safari, there is an endless supply of things to do for people of any lifestyle or personality. You just need to discover what that is for your relationship.

How Travel Can Help Build a Good Relationship Status

After interviewing a dozen or so couples that travel the world together and try to make travel a living on the Travel Couple Podcast, we have learned a lot about how travel can build your relationship. Especially through our travels together, we were able to learn how to work together, how we react when things go wrong (and they will at times when you travel and through your life), understand each other so much better, and create memories that we will never forget. These are the different way that travel can help build a good relationship status.

    • Working Together

Working together to plan and execute your trip is a great way to understand one another’s strengths and weaknesses. These can then be applied to living together in the future and who will take care of what in your relationship. For example, in my relationship my wife is the best at looking for the deals for flights and hotels. She does a great job understanding the trends and letting me know when the best time to book is. Whereas I am more comfortable planning our itinerary and how to get from point A to point B.’

This understanding of how to work together really transferred to our lives when we are not traveling. I continue to be the navigator when at home, whereas, when it comes to grocery shopping time, my wife is the one looking for the deals for us. I could go on and on about the benefits of this and how it applies to our relationship, but I think you get the point.

    • When Things Go Wrong

When planning a trip, something will always go wrong. There is no doubt about it. Do not try to spend every second avoiding it. The inevitable is going to happen. Whether you miss a train or somebody gets hurt, something will happen that is not according to plan. On a more positive note, this something that goes wrong could be a wonderful event that throws off your itinerary, but leads to a new experience you had not planned.

Knowing how your significant other handles this will provide you a clear understanding about what their first instinct and reaction is to these things and how you can help to soothe or work with them when something wrong happens. Let us be real here. You will not go through life without your plan being thrown entirely off. There will be times when your journey through life is thrown in the opposite direction.

If you truly understand and are able to work with your significant other towards putting your life back on track or accepting where you are and where you need to be, your relationship will grow stronger in this understanding of one another.

    • Understanding Each Other’s Personality

Continuing on from our previous point, nothing brings out someone’s personality like when something goes wrong. You get to see if they work to fix it, sit and sulk, or get angry, among many other reactions. This helps couples understand each other’s personality and if they are compatible. For example, I personally do not think it is compatible if both couples sit and sulk when something wrong happens.

Also, travel helps you understand what each other wants out of life. Do you prefer to relax on a resort or be adventurous and hike a mountain? Do your interests align in this sense? If not, are you able to find common ground?

There is nothing like planning an itinerary to know what the two of you want out of your trip and in the future.

    • Creating Memories and Sharing Moments

This is the best point. The greatest thing that you will receive from your travels together. Memories. Those will never go away. They will be the thing you can return to when everything does not seem to be working in your relationship. Something that is solid that you can recall and let each other remember the times when you overcame adversity, relaxed and viewed the sunset, or enjoyed each other’s company.

Sharing the moment of getting away from it all can really help to build your relationship together. I cannot tell you the amount of times I have heard a couple say after a trip that they did not realize how badly they just needed to get away. Be by themselves. Somewhere other than home.

Travel is really an incredible relationship builder.


Ultimately, travel will either build your relationship or tear it apart. For those who are truly not compatible, they will discover that quickly through travel. Really that is best to find this out sooner rather than later. However, if you are truly compatible, the two of you will thrive while traveling the world.

Want to know if you are compatible? Book the ticket, take the trip, and enjoy the memories the two of you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

How has travel affected your relationship with your significant other? How do you feel travel has built your relationship? If you do not travel with your significant other, why not?

Mike Pletz is one half of the travel duo To the Nations Worldwide, a travel couple blog. He is also the host of the Travel Couple Podcast where each week he releases an interview with a travel couple and discusses travel, relationship advice, and how to make travel a lifestyle. His interests include travel, photography, writing, hockey, and snowboarding.


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