HerSmile UK

HerSmile UK

Some of you may not know this but I’m not a huge fan of Dating Sites in general. Why? Because I’ve always had an idea of what their models exist to do. There hasn’t been a plausible solution out there in forever. In the dating website world, or at least what I remember of it their model(s) their web interfaces are set up to accommodate both of the sexes. And, in my opinion this is dead wrong.

I know, you’re banging your monitor right now telling me that we are equals in society and I’m being sexist. Buuut, if we were equals then men would have the same problem with weird genital messages as women do. Women would really get frustrated at men trying to be nice when realistically, all they want to do is pursue interest. Sound realistic or familiar? Well it is. Men and Woman exist purely on different levels when it comes to dating. It’s fact, not my opinion

So when the CEO of HerSmile wanted to Skype with me the other day I was sceptical to say the least. In my head he was another bandit looking to cash in on other peoples hopes. Something that I inherently disagree with on a moral and ethical stance. So I did a bit of background work and research. At HerSmile the system is set up in two different ways. Women pay £12 per month to be an active member whereas Men pay £3 per introduction, and if the lady doesn’t want to talk then he will get his investment back. But before you throw your hands up in the air and shout favouritism and sexism; think of it like this. You are in a nightclub for example. Women are the watchers; they like to screen endless men before choosing the right one which they think suits their needs. Similarly, men are the chancers. They will try and try and try until a girl that they choose bites.

In essence, I can see absolutely how this works and it irons out a lot of flaws. Men will have to be a bit more picky with their intentions because messaging everyone will cost a lot of money, and women can have their endless screening system. Wallah – problem solved.

So I talked to their CEO through Skype, and usually this is the clincher for me because I can smell a bullshitter a mile away. You know those people that talk a good game but have no actual substance? This guy wasn’t one of them. What actually struck me as amazing is that he was able to quote the “Yin and Yang” to me, and now that in itself is an automatic winner, but what really shone through was his passion and determination to make this work. I mean REALLY work. He is looking at the long game rather than the short; and it wouldn’t surprise me if in two years time he’s sitting there reading through all his happily Married couples testimonials and getting real genuine pleasure from it, rather than seeing them as pound signs.

So to kick off the launch of HerSmile – I have a few goodies for all of you. It’s UK based, so I’m really sorry but only for people IN the UK.. I have freebies. Which involves HerSmile. It’s really exciting actually. If you’re bored with dating no-one in particular and are actually really interested in finding that special someone – sign up on the bar to the right for some goodies! Please. You’ll not regret it 🙂

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