How to build a website free

How to build a website free

The Weebly way! I know, I know. I keep telling everyone that site 5 and domain monster is the way to go. However, I expect if you’re trying to get tips on how to build a website free, there’s little chance that you’ll know about the technical aspects of connecting them both together. Which is fine. Everyone has to start from somewhere. Right at the beginning. Would you believe that previously I taught people how to connect with their computers that couldn’t quite grasp them? Yes, the frightened, the disinterested and the hard to teach.

And yes, this is when I found Weebly. I found Weebly as a nice access portal for beginners to try out building a website on the internet. I’m talking in the early stages back in 2010. It had all the right tools for beginners and I was up and running with my website in a couple of hours.

The easiest thing with Weebly is that it is absolutely free to start up an account. And I was able to use my Facebook details to sign up. Sounds easy? It was! It has changed somewhat since I was last here six years ago but luckily after sign up it took me through a nice little step by step tour so that I knew what I was doing.

There was only one thing I could do after that because I was eager to get started on my newly formed site. And that was to click “edit site”. After editing my subdomain of Weebly (I didn’t want to buy my own domain just yet), the nice thing this little piece of software does is take me to a blank canvas. Or a blank page. I really liked the drag and drop editor. Left click and drag into position the element that I wanted and wallah. I had made the outline for a front page of my website in a matter of moments. It really couldn’t get much simpler than that for me.

Ok, so I respect that some people aren’t the best designers in the world. And in this tutorial: How to build a website free, I won’t be showing you how to do it because I’m not a designer either. I need at least a template to work with before I start cutting out my design. Luckily Weebly has the option to start with ready made websites for you to tweak and change however you would like to. I’d like to think that WordPress is super simple for beginners, yet this is on another level. Super user-friendly and easy to read. A definite choice for people that have never built a website before.

Make no assumptions, though, successful websites are built with love, care, trust and frequent user content to their audience. So if you’re planning to build one and then leave it; those days are gone, my friend. Google won’t let you do that. You need to update continually. And listen to what your audience are saying. This is what makes a successful website in my opinion

how to build a website for free
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    1. Thanks for this – my first experience into blogging was running on free WordPress for at least two years. Don’t feel embarrassed, it’s how we learn and grow 🙂

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