How Your Emotions are Hidden in Physical Pain and Dis-ease

You’ve had a stressful day at work. You come home feeling tense in the shoulders. Your muscles have tightened up and you end up with what is called a tension headache. This is pretty common, we don’t think much about it. You have stress, resulting in tension, creating a physical reaction to the mental or emotional stress you have undergone.

Going Within

Have you ever been told not to worry too much, you might get an ulcer? People who have chronic anxiety can sometimes worry themselves over such a long period of time, they end up with a stomach ulcer. As with a stress headache, a mental or emotional problem causes a physical response in the body.This is real, folks. Mental, emotional and even spiritual issues we have over the long term, can result in physical reactions and dis-ease in the body. I am calling it dis-ease because your body is not at ease. The natural state of the body is a healthy body, not one riddled with aches, pains and dis-ease. If you get a cut or suffer a broken bone there is physical reason for it, but many times the physical is the result of a mental, emotional or spiritual issues hidden deep inside you.


Yes, stuck. Emotions, thoughts are all forms of energy. That energy needs go somewhere and if we don’t release it will become trapped.In our society, it is not OK to vent your emotions in the same moment you are experiencing them. You are angry with your boss, you’re not likely going to vent that anger toward him, you’d risk getting fired. What we instead do, is keep our emotions bottled inside (internalizing them), then relive them inside our heads. We should be releasing them as quickly as we can, otherwise they will get stuck. Trauma can also get recorded in the body. The quicker you release trauma, the less effects it will have on you in the future. Some healthy ways to work it out is through exercise, working out at the gym, taking a run or walk, hiking through the woods (being outdoors in nature is very relaxing and brings you back into balance), receiving a massage or some type of energy work (Reiki, Emotional Release, EFT, etc.), or journaling.

Down The Rabbit Hole 

When you are unable to find a healthy way to release them, they become trapped. Trapped in your muscles, organs and chakras. Chakras are your emotional energy centers. As these energy centers get blocked and trapped they will affect corresponding organs and/or endocrine glands. Overtime this puts a stress or a burden on these areas, making them susceptible to dis-ease or injury.

Going Forward 

All of these things are inter-connected. Sadly, today’s “modern medicine” tackles only the physical symptoms, not getting the whole picture. This is one reason why things don’t always get resolved. There must be a holistic approach to healing mind, body and soul. It’s why so many people are seeking out “alternative” treatments today. I say “alternative” because these where what we all received prior to modern medicine. For thousands of years we approached our health in a holistic way, understanding things were connected.

In the last hundred years we have ditched that philosophy for a quick fix in our fast-paced world. Take a pill and treat the symptom, but really never addressing the root cause. Putting a band-aid on your issues. Unraveling and peeling away layers, much like you would an onion, truly takes time. Many are not willing to put in the time or effort for true, lasting healing. If only they could, they would experience true, lasting healing, and that would set them free!

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April Brancamp

April Brancamp is a homeschooling mom, blogger, small biz owner, essential oil lover, natural health and wellness educator and fanatic! She feels compelled to empower families by educating them on natural health and wellness. April recently completed the Institute of Nutritional Leadership’s Nutritional Leadership Program, is a host on an international spiritual radio show, and is knowledgeable and experienced in the use of essential oils, essential oils and the mind-body connection, biofeedback (physical and emotional), muscle testing, AromaTouch Technique Certified, strengthening immunity, sensory protocols, detox/cleanses, elimination diets, and reflexology. Her core belief is that there is hope through alternative options that can transform your expectations for daily life! Find more from her at Essentially April.

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