I’m a Social Justice Warrior

I’m a Social Justice Warrior

I’m a Social Justice Warrior. What’s wrong with that? I care about my rights and other people’s rights. I also care about and respect other people. I treat every other person in the same fashion that I would like to be treated. If it’s not good enough for me then why should I expect anyone else to tolerate it?

There seems to be quite a world movement right now with people that don’t like their freedom of speech restricted. That safe zones, trigger words and happy places are for “pussies”. They want to call a spade exactly what it is and move right on with life. I guess, in myself I feel quite disappointed that people would feel this way. But I can understand it. Things that were free to say and non-restricted now carry quite a backlash if you were to publicly state it. People are angry. People want things to carry on as they were. It’s frustrating.

I heard a comedian state today that he gets to shout out at fat people because he has a fat figure. I guess in the same fashion I could go out and rape someone because I’ve been raped before? (I haven’t been raped, but you get the idea). There exists in this world people that have had quite an easy life. By easy I mean that there’s always been food on the table, a roof over their head and a supportive family. Regardless of the career’s and how hard they’ve worked to get there I feel some people can be blinded to what actually unmoderated free speech can do to a person.

I was locked in an Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit once as a punishment for hitting one of the Psych Nurses in an open ward. I was sent up to a place that was awash with emotions, sexual energy and pent up aggression. These guys (and girls) were not the normal Joe Bloggs you see every day on the street. There were people in there on Prison sentences and child molestation charges. It wasn’t the greatest place to be let me tell you. People said what they felt there. And it was unmoderated.

I remember two guys in there having a verbal argument. The next thing I know the other guy is ramming his johnson down the other guys throat. I didn’t witness it but I remember the victim screaming at the guards to get him told! What started it? Speech! Unmoderated speech I tell you.

My time in the hospital really gave me an eye for what the human can actually achieve in their life; good or bad. It has also made me come to the conclusion that all humans were not created equal; circumstance being the biggest wavering factor whether a person will make something of their life or not. There are people born with disabilities, people with inherited disabilities, people born to addicts, people born to wealthy parents, abusers, molesters, narcissists, wow. The list can go on forever.

I fight for those that can’t defend themselves. How do you feel when an Autistic lad finally lands his dream of having “a” job. Any old job? Yet to only find out six months later that his workmates have completely taken him for a ride. Because of his complying nature they’ve been getting him to do everything. Kicking his bum and calling him stupid every time in passing because they know he won’t do anything about it. Scared to do anything about it. Yeah, because freedom of speech, right?

Or how does it make you feel when I tell you about the time I see a pack of children shouting and calling another girl names because she doesn’t fit in with the crowd? The poor girls Mum is an alcoholic and can’t get up in the morning to get her dressed or even wash her clothes to send her in clean. But that’s fine because freedom of speech is allowed. Warrioring for justice is for pussies.

I think people also have safe zones and trigger words confused with something entirely non-threatening. I hate it when people laugh and joke at these things. When actually they wouldn’t find it funny if an ex-serviceman was seconds away from making a cavern in their temple because of something they said had triggered a negative emotional response. See?

Yet down to a basic level when did just being disrespectful to other people become a buzz thing? You can’t be a disrespectful dickhead anymore. That’s good is it not? In my eyes it’s bringing us together in a safer, inclusive and a healthier, emotionally stable environment. Rather than pissing on your fellow human?

I don’t like being pissed upon. In fact I hate it when people disrespect me. Why can’t anyone else see that? Just because our opinion differs it doesn’t mean we need to go fisticuffs at dawn over it? We could find some mutual ground and enlighten each other with our wisdom. Does that not sound more fun?

Why do you want to call entire races something they don’t like? Why do you want to control what women do with their bodies? Why do you want to argue with someone of a different religion than you? Why do you feel that men should put up and shut up? Why do you feel that disabled people should work? Why do you feel that unemployed people should stop scrounging?

Seems easy to me. Respect for your fellow person. It’s easy. All that time spent hating, and arguing and disrespecting people? Sorry, I’d rather be making friends and doing something exciting, or learning. Wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you rather have a peaceful life?

Why do you want to hate? Because that’s all the anti-PC crew want to do. Say non-PC words and hate.


Why are YOU so unhappy? 🙂

Come on now. Why not focus a bit more on some self-loving? Perhaps then all this other stuff might seem a bit less relevant.

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Raymond is a Mental Health activist and cryptocurrency enthusiast. He fuels his activism by taking to the web and trying to create core change in the way people interact. As an ex-Community​ Manager, Raymond has a unique approach to communication and relationships and believes the way forward in life is improving the interactions between one another. Raymond started his blogging activities as a way to heal from a chequered past, and through this, his blog has become something far more empowering than he ever imagined. And thus, The Relationship Blogger Magazine was born.

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  1. You’re exactly right. (And thanks for finding me here through Steemit!)

    I do not subscribe to any notion of democracy and independence that is defined by the western world as it is now. We are essentially slaves to the ruling elite. They have defined it as democracy but in essence it is an Oligarchy. what was once a thing to be feared from the Communist states in the 80’s is fast becoming a reality here. Totalitarianism, where the many have little and the few have everything.

    By my definition of a SJW is just that. I stand for any injustice whatever it may be, Political, ethnical, sexual, whatever. If there’s a group being manipulated and blamed, you’ll bet that I’ll stand out and speak about it.

    Oh, also, FYI – I am from the UK so I’m not familiar with the constitution, apologies for that!

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