Why I’m voting for Labour for the first time ever

Never voted!

I’ll fess up. I’ve never voted in my life apart from when Brexit came along.

Brexit was the first ever time I took to the booth, and I did that because it seemed something more important than just another General Election. Most of them have been another choice of shit which is cut from the same cloth. To be fair I’ve always thought Elections were rigged, and whoever holds the deck of cards can play the game whichever way they want to benefit them. Brexit blew that notion out of the water for me. Even more so that after David Cameron resigned and the pack of hungry attack dogs that were closing in on him sunddenly turned lame and disappeared for a few weeks.

That tells me that the public actually DO decide what happens to our future, even if over the last few years we have voted to systematically destroy everything that we’ve built since World War II. We’ve seen an almost ten year Conservative reign that has brought us MASSIVE inequality, country-wide privatisation, the rise of food-banks as a prop up for living and a British industry that’s almost extinct. We have never been short of scapegoats though. We’ve blamed almost everyone except those at the helm of our Country. If you’re born poor now there’s very little chance there will be any opportunity like what was on offer for me thirty years ago.

Snap Election

And now that Theresa May has called for a snap General Election at a time when there is SO much uncertainty in the air this couldn’t have come at a worse time. And it’s tipped that the Conservatives will win again.


Why do we allow these Politicians to continually lie to us? David Cameron was tipped to have a team of spin doctors working with him on what information he gave out to the Public. I’m sorry! But doesn’t that speak volumes when a person needs to employ spin doctors to make whatever he has rolling out in the future sound less harsh than it is? Why would you vote for a party that is more known for its social cleansing than its humanitarian philosophy? In fact, please tell me one good social factor that’s came from the Conservative party?

It’s no secret that I’ve worked in Mental Health for many, many years, and I’ve won some awards for my work along the way. So there absolutely no doubt that I’m going to be a screaming socialist anyway, but come on people, where is the balance here? I have watched my community team whittle down from 15 strong people working hard in the community down to two persons. And then be disbanded. No-one wanted to fund us because there wasn’t a large pot of social funding like there used to be, even with the amazing things we were doing in the community. When did we get so caught up in what we were doing that we didn’t give a shit about our neighbours?

I’m voting Labour

For me I’m voting labour this year and I’m going to be very vocal about it. So stay tuned. I’m only voting this year because a vote for Labour means a vote for Corbyn. That’s the only reason I’m voting Labour and making a stand. Because if Corbyn wasn’t at the helm I’d have shrugged this off as another crap election with much of the same shit on the table. A bit like the last election.

I like Corbyn, regardless of what the media tells me. If the news, papers and advertisements are telling me that a Politician is not worth his salt then that’s exactly who I should be voting for. Corbyn for me signals a change to this rampant privatisation and social cleansing of the poor. Corbyn is a headstrong Politican that’s unpeneterable from the ruling class; the people that seek to grease the hands of Politicians to have their bidding done won’t be able to with him. For me this is definitely a vote for change. A vote in the right direction.

I was nearly done with Politics but I feel I’ve been given a fighting chance here. I want to make this count. Regardless of the state of his party the man has principle, he has the right idea for what should be done in the country. I now have a chance to make things right with myself. At the very worst, at least when my Son asks why we got into such a mess I can say I voted when it mattered. When I had the chance to make a difference I put my mark where it counted.

Don’t feel listened to!

Right now I don’t feel listened to. I don’t feel like anyone in westminster gives a flying fuck about what I have to say, only that their hands are greased with dirty money by the corporations that seek to exploit our country for the little it has left. I want that to change. I want investment in our future. I want more jobs, healthier living, access to training and the deprivitisation of most of our previously nationally owned services. I’m bored with this uncaring society when you have to either put up or shut up. I’m bored with sending our kids into a world that has literally no future.

I’m fucking bored.

Aren’t you too?

Wouldn’t you like to see some change?

Christ, it shouldn’t matter if you get taxed 10% less under the Conservatives – if we invest in our Country now then that 10% will see you through your old age and beyond. Investment is the way to go. When you go for shorter gains like less tax, then you won’t have any long term gains, like help during your old age.

And that’s where they will count I’m afraid.

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