why its important for us to take a break

why its important for us to take a break

We haven’t been anywhere significant in at least three years now and we’re starting to feel it. It becomes taxing on the mind, and the routines that we’re already set in become more and more monotonous. Sometimes I can feel the four walls of my study slowly closing in on me because I’m an outside person. It’s become quite a challenge for me as a mid-thirties man. As a teenager and a twenty-something youth, I would spend most of my time outside when I wasn’t working. Those lovely Vitamin D rays from the sun in Summer. And of course the crisp fresh air in the winter. Yet I have reverted to a life of working in the house. I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy it because I do, only that I miss the outdoors and having a break from time to time. It’s important for us to take a break.

I need a break. So does my family.

I can see Natalie is nearly climbing the walls with inside fever. As a young woman, she travelled all over Europe and South America to see and feel the world. Now? She’s stuck indoors with me as I blog away. To say she isn’t feeling the itch again would be an understatement. I can feel us slowly sinking into the pit of depression whilst we fight to survive in this increasingly harder to bare world

I remember fifteen years ago it was relevantly inexpensive to visit Spain or Greece, and some of the late deals I could grab were awesome. But it’s a pipe dream now. Not since we have Alex in School, and with new legislation that disallows us from taking our children out from term time, holiday companies have ramped up their prices. Extortionately high. How they are able to do this is beyond me.

We laugh, though. And we laugh lots. Yesterday she put her cold, wet hands on my belly, just because she could. Which resulted in a water fight. I’m a big kid really. She is too; albeit far more sensible than me when she needs to be. Laughter is important and keeps us from straying from the path of level-headedness. A saving grace in an otherwise money-absent life.

We did have money once upon a time. I could say that there was a time we didn’t need to think about what we bought or when we needed to go on a holiday. Holidaying for us was really nice in the beginning. We would just up and leave and take whatever spending money we needed. Not a care in the world. Just off to somewhere hot and not looking back. Not a problem at all. But we both lost our jobs at similar times. I spent two years unemployed with nothing to show for it, and in the end we nearly went bankrupt. I managed to secure employment before the time to declare it official and it rescued us. We managed to slowly but surely claw away at our finances to get something respectable going.

But we’re nowhere near holidaying in Mexico yet. And it hits us hard. We feel the pinch. It’s so frustrating when we have a little bit of savings yet the cheapest holiday in Britain is exorbitant because of the term time. I want a break. My wife wants a break and my Son would definitely benefit from a break. Just escaping and relaxing for that little bit out of our busy schedule is all we need. That can’t be too much to ask for now, can it?

Again, I, we, probably you. Need a fucking holiday. To take a break and blow the cobwebs away

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