listen carefully as i clearly state my business
i’m here today to confess my illicit intentions
i admit it; my heart’s been compromised
my unwavering devotion has
been split in half then multiplied
my warm caresses, my loving gaze
i can’t stop myself from looking both ways
always faithful, never doing wrong
but her beauty is my siren’s song
i vowed to love you, for the worse or the better
through thick and thin and all kinds of weather
please believe me, it’s nothing you did
just her laughter makes me feel so fulfilled
i can’t turn you lose and i can’t let her go
my mind’s a mess, don’t know myself no mo’
i’m caught between a rock
and some place that’s harder
give me guidance O Heavenly Father
my insides are twisted
i’m shook to the core
i won’t leave you
but i feel the need to explore
as luck would have it
this thing won’t go away
can you forgive me for going astray?

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Sumayyah Talibah

Sumayyah Talibah lives in Michigan with her husband, kids, cats, and piles of books. She makes jewelry and sips tea in between reading and reviewing anything with words.

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