How I increased my traffic from 10 visits to thousands per day

How I increased my traffic from 10 visits to thousands per day

I’ve been at the beginning before.

Bright eyed, bushy tailed with a brand new spacious blog with high hopes and dreams aplenty. I didn’t know what to expect at the start. In fact I was slightly naive in the sense that I thought whatever I wrote here would have thousands of people ramming theirselves against my site scrabbling to get their opinion out on what I had just said. It was rather exciting, my first new venture into the unknown void of the internet. Albeit scary.

Imagine my disappointment when I found out that right at the beginning absolutely no-one wanted to read me at all? Like, no-one! It was frustrating for me because my message I feel is good and always has been good, but trying to get the traffic to my work at the beginning was nigh impossible. It really was. There was a point where having five visitors from facebook for the whole day was a mental celebration. Every blogger has been there at the start. Even those that say they built an empire over six months, chances are they had to start from scratch somewhere, and it wasn’t in between those six months. It was at a time long ago, in a company far, far away.

It was frustrating at the start for me. VERY frustrating, because I’d see all of these popular bloggers that wrote like I did, engaged with readers in a way that I wanted to, and I desperately wanted a piece of that pie too, I wanted to write to engage and inform. I wanted to be an influencer in something that I was provenly good at. I didn’t want to be just stuck out there, on my own, doing failed traffic generation systems by people that were only interested in my money rather than my experience and influence.

It all changed when I first met my now friend Laura. Quite strange that she became my friend because she’s super duper popular in my niche, even now as we speak, I am but a mere spot on the size of her reputation. But still, when I one day, out of sheer frustration, messaged her and asked her how the hell did she do it all? But to my surprise she told me. She sat me down, worked me through what I needed to do and where I needed to be. She even took the time as to plop me into a nice Facebook group that has now become my cornerstone for growing my readership.

She taught me about Pinterest

Pinterest is by far the heaviest traffic I receive on a daily basis, and the greatest thing about Pinterest was that I need not bend to Google, or Facebook or any other complicated algorithm that I need to jump through literal hoops to set myself apart from the rest. Yes, I could continue to be unique and brilliant with my words and my ideas and have people visit me on that exact title. The traffic I receive daily from Pinterest is enormous, and it rises frequently. Laura taught me the basics, and from there I learned my own tips and tricks, and tweaked it to my own styling. I know a great deal about Pinterest traffic generation now, and if you’re interested in learning in depth techniques that will give you results in less than a week, try my Udemy course – It was priced at $150, but I’ve taken it down to $30 because I wanted everyone to be able have a stab at this. Just think right? That’s less than a night out on the town. Nearly 3000 students enrolled and mostly positive reviews. Can’t be bad, right? 🙂

I learned that having a network of blogger-friends was pivotal to my success

After meeting my new found friend she dropped me in a few Facebook groups. One that I must say is now my cornerstone of the work that I do. From there I networked and became friends with quite a few other bloggers that write like I do, and were far more successful than I was at the time. The beauty of it was, they all took me in and learned from me and I learned from them. My first ever guest post was on OTV Magazine, and what a rush that was. To have my voice heard on another platform and sharing it with my friends was such a rush of self-importance, a mometary feeling of self-worth, it was lovely. And from there I’ve been encouraged to blog on a ton of other platforms. Huffington Post, The Good Men Project to name a few. It was pivotal to me because when I was hitting a block or felt that my work wasn’t making an impact, or “insert random negative thought here” about my writing, there was always someone there for me, to steer me in the right direction. It was a lovely empowering network of people.

Most of the people I started with have given up

Sadly, society is overtly geared towards instant gratification, and if we don’t see instant results then we tend to put it on the back burner whilst we do something else to make money. I get it, some of us have commitments and we need to foot the bills for this or that. And everyone I talked to at the beginning have given up now. I tried to relate to people by seeking out newbies, but quickly realised I was doing that wrong. I needed to talk to open people that had been doing it for years and years. And there’s nothing stopping us blogging when we can. I had a job for three years when I first started writing down my thoughts. It wasn’t much, but it was a start. I didn’t decide to do this professionally until I had left my last place of employment. And I knew how hard this would be, the commitment it was going to take and the troubles I would probably go through. But I was determined, and I knew that creating something awesome isn’t an overnight thing. It might take years to see results, if at all. But through tireless persistance I have finally started to see results. Onwards and upwards as they say.

I didn’t listen to nay sayers

If you’ve never written for an audience before then how can you tell me that I won’t be successful? I’ve heard it from friends, family, acquaintances, and a long list of people that think what I’m doing now is not worth my time. It doesn’t make me angry though, I totally get that it comes from a place of not understanding what’s involved. It also comes from a mixture of not understanding and worrying about my future. I get it. I really do. It’s just uncomfortable to tell people that I’m very happy with what I’m doing. I work hard, and I’m making an income now. Before I took to writing professionally and I knew that I was being laid off I knew the place to be was the internet but I hadn’t a clue what I was going to do. I spent a great deal of time researching who, what, where and why. To be fair I am still learning, and I still have a way to go. But I feel I’m on the cusp of something awesome.

I dumped ideas of SEO and Google like I was holding a red hot poker

I tried to learn SEO, I mean I have a basic understanding of it but I found that at the start I was dropping the standards of uniqueness in my personality to best the SEO guru’s out there. Rather than a bouncy, enthusiastic and knowledgeable blogger I had become a monotone, writing general topics no-one. I dropped that soon enough. And it didn’t last for long. If you’re lucky enough you might be able to see some of my more monotone pieces in my blog archives. I wanted to stay true to myself really, and learning Pinterest helped me do that. Flipboard is another great traffic tool. It works a little like Pinterest but so far I haven’t found anything largely technical about it. Flip your blog post into your magazine and off you go. It’s all done for you. Some excellent reads and great ways to network with other bloggers out there too. I’ve received a barrage from there over the last month too.

I dumped any delusions of granduer over Facebook long ago

Before I took to blogging I ran a popular page on Facebook. Many moons ago it was possible that most, if not all of my fans were able to see my content at the click of a button. I had 7000 fans and rapidly growing, but Facebook introduced their new algorithm that allows fans and people to see content that Facebook “Thinks you’d like to see”, so in basic terms that meant facebook were limiting page organic reach for cold hard dollar. It wasn’t long before 50% of my fans were seeing my content, then 20%, then 10% until I gave up. I’ve heard of people with 1 million strong page likes only having 500 people see a post. If you fancy your chances with it, by all means, give it a blast, but unless you’re willing to pay for likes I promise you it will be hard. Put it this way, I had a post on my popular page that went uber viral. It hit over 1 Million+ likes. I received 178 page likes from that post. Crazy, right? Six years ago and my page would have been lit up with hundreds of thousands of new likes. But alas, we must live in the present. As I say, give it a try. All good blogs have a facebook page. Just don’t commit more time on your page than your blog!! Who knows, you could be successful!

And most of all I didn’t stray

You’ll be tempted by the next shiny traffic bonanza wow awesome get rich quick scheme as much as anyone at the start. I really promise you, you will. I found it hard to remain focused at the beginning when I knew nothing, knew no-one and it was all fresh and daunting to me. Everything seemed like a great idea at the beginning. I signed onto marketing forums, marketing websites and signed up to a ton of newsletters all promising me the world but delivering not much. Now? I get a lot of junk mail because of it. But from that experience I’ve learned one thing. Success comes through blood, sweat, and tears. Lot’s of tears. Lot’s of throwing my dummy out of the pram. Don’t sweat it.

We’ve all been there.

Stay awesome, stay focused and let’s beat this shit!

How I increased my traffic from 10 visits to thousands per day

How I increased my traffic from 10 visits to thousands per day
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