Hell: A journey into the inferno – A poem by Shareen Mansfield.

A beautiful poem from Shareen Mansfield, Owner of OTVmagazine, and as I sit here I am proud to have her work on my blog. So, thank you! Please enjoy!

Hell: A journey into the inferno

I wish I could make it all
The commotion chaos clicking
culmination of crisis.
It’s a living breathing monster
using you as the host. Possession.

Addiction is a live thing.
It breathes through you,
survives through you
draining you
like a parasite.

It takes everything from you
then eats away
at those that love you.

No longer a choice
the chemical romance in your temporal lobes
can’t function. You fed the beast
& now you’re the incarnation
of that ghastly cancer.

I couldn’t make it stop alone.
I had to get help.
I wanted help.
My bottom wasn’t a free fall.

My survival instinct kicked in
long before I was overcome but
Not many are like me.
The truth is I have never met anyone
who came out ahead without help.

How do you save a life? Better question
how do you stop minimizing? How do you stop
projecting things?
Addiction never goes away.

Once you have traveled
to that level of Hell
you are marked for life.

~Shareen Mansfield

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