Is your Relationship Healthy?

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Is your Relationship Healthy?

A healthy relationship can be hard to find, even if you think yours is stable you may be engaging in unhealthy behaviours. Evaluate whether or not your relationship fits into the healthy categories with these simple tests.

Are you Jealous?

Jealousy between yourself and your partner will often indicate a much deeper problem. Perhaps your partner is projecting their insecurities or your behaviours make them uncomfortable. This is often the root of jealous behaviours and it makes the relationship hard for both parties.

Think about what makes you feel jealous and discuss it with your partner. You might highlight a behaviour that they weren’t aware was making you uncomfortable, then they can stop and you can both move on.

Are you Co-Dependant?

Becoming dependant on your partner is natural to a degree, you want to be able to rely on them but you don’t want to become unable to do things for yourself. If this is the case then you’re probably fostering an unhealthy connection with one another that will end up causing issues. If you’re co-dependant then your partner may end up feeling trapped and like they can’t do their own thing.

Do you Communicate?

Effective communication is at the heart of a healthy relationship, as you have to be able to talk to your partner. This doesn’t mean shouting at them, only giving your side of the story or having an emotional response. Instead, you want to be able to sit down and talk about how you both feel.

If you struggle to communicate properly then you can find relationship therapists here that will be able to teach you how to open those channels of communication once more.

Do you make time for one another?

Making time for one another is important, as you want to make each other feel important. Don’t just spend time with one another either, make sure that the time you spend together is actually quality time. This means going on dates, doing nice things for one another and more.

We often spend time with our partners but it’s not quality time so it doesn’t enhance the relationship.

Are there any Red Flags?

Red flags like excessive anger or unwillingness to compromise can mean the end of the relationship. These are things that you will struggle to work with, as your partner won’t work with you on them. Emotional hostility and abuse can signal the end of a relationship, which can actually be a good thing for the partners involved.

At this time, a break up can be the best thing to end the unhealthy relationship and allow both partners to move on. This might be a painful break up, but it’s often the best thing for both parties.

An unhealthy relationship can begin to affect all areas of your life and make things much harder, so you’ll want to address these issues as they occur. Then, you can work on creating a healthy and happy life together with a solid relationship at its foundation.

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  1. You should know the best for yourself and commit accordingly. Its very important for a relationship to be healthy. Thanks for sharing this amazing article.

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