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This is Day 7 of the 30 Day #LinkYourLife Challenge

Day 7 – Give yourself a new name and profession

This was a hard one for me because I really don’t want to be someone else. I’ve been enjoying me for who I am and relaxing in my own skin for the last five or so years. But I did want to give this a go. I’m also particularly fond of Hispanic names so I went for that.

Leader of the known world – Santiago Fernandez

Good evening world.

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for voting me, Santiago Fernandez, in as your high leader. I want to state that the result of voting me in will have dramatic effects on our current system, and this will be one of the biggest, if not THE biggest change the world has ever seen. But like all things that happen that are good, a period of change must be undergone. I hope that this period of change is seamless and causes you the least of problems. However, should our period of change cause anything adverse to happen to you, your family or your friends, please be aware that our offices are available around the clock to help.

My first order of the day will be to be to strip the entire Political process of money. No money shall be changed hands within Politics and neither should a representative be paid for helping the order of the people. All Political positions of House, as of now, will be voluntary and classed as Charity work. I will resign my position as the Exalted High Emperor and Leader of the known world and take up my new position as “Chair of Representatives”.

Current party representatives will be allowed to stay should they wish, but, if an entire house decides to stay then we will build a bigger house. I plan to bring in several hundred people to represent the different social and ethnic classes of our species so that no Policy can be written with the blatant disregard for another person and their label.

Politics will not, and never will be again a system which shows blatant disregard for any human being.

Our Manifesto that we will implement.


Currently, most of the world’s education has been stripped bare of any sense. Instead of empowering bright, enthusiastic and capable of free thought individuals, we are battering out subservient drones eager to take their place in another cog in the wheel. Those that have funny shaped cogs are left behind and forgotten about. This is about to change. We believe that pumping unlimited funding into the world’s education, for world class teachers, training, schools, facilities and outreach centres then we will have a better chance to impact our children on a better level and pave a bright, new future for them.

  • Education will be entirely free from the point of contact for everyone regardless of circumstance.
  • All Schools will have world-class teachers, world-class facilities, world-class training, and world-class meals
  • There will be no such thing anymore as a “paid school” or an “elite school” such as Eton
  • Rich parents will no longer be able to buy a place for their child. And should they not make the academic requirements for the place, then another, more able child will.


Immigration is a negative word built by those that want to segregate and blame. In light of that, we aim to eradicate all borders in hope that we can bring the human race closer to one another, stop this incessant fighting and bring peace to the world. No longer will it be America, or Argentina, Or Spain, Or the UK. You will eventually live in the “World”. It is important for us to view matters like such so that we can limit instances of segregation.

  • Humans can go anywhere they please


Unemployment is a growing issue because recently, Corporations have been too focused on profits rather than employing people to do capable work for them. In retrospect, we plan to shift the balance from employer to individual and that the employer will have to do the bartering for the individual, be it a corporate, or a minimum wage job.

  • Collecting welfare should not be a scary event. All employees at welfare centres will be highly trained in life skills, management, training and empowerment on an individualistic level to shift the atmosphere in these places from cold, to warm
  • Welfare cheques will be at least one week’s minimum wage per week.
  • Employers will not be able to pay staff minimum wage for an extended period of time
  • The minimum wage will be set at $20 per hour


Big business and wall street, the financial capital of the world have been fleecing us dry for the last thirty years. This is going to change. Very, very shortly. And heavy sanctions will be placed on anyone that tries to bend the rules.

  • No CEO or Business can earn over one million per year in pure profit. If a CEO or Business does earn over one million then this money will be forfeited to Tax Revenue.
  • BIG money will be invested into Tax Avoidance and frequent offenders will be hunted to the full extent of the law


As part of our feed and build the world campaign we plan to build a home for every person in Africa. Not a shanty hut with minimal functions. A proper house with basic, flowing supplies. Communities will be built and world-class schools will be nearby. And that is the same for every impoverished area of the world. No-one will have to live in squalor ever again. By 50 years the entire continent of Africa will be an up and coming economy fuelled with new age scientists, mechanics, builders, doctors and people that make the world revolve.


All drug laws will be scrapped. No longer will there be a war on drugs. It will not be an offence anymore to be found in possession of any kind of drug. Neither will you go to prison. Drugs will become a health issue and only a health issue. And jails will become a place of rehabilitation, rather than a place that breeds repeat offending. However, for instances such as murder. Then life is life. There is no turning back.


All healthcare will be free at the point of contact. No if’s, no buts, no nothing. A rich person will expect to have the exact same healthcare as a poor person. Pharmaceutical companies will not be allowed to persuade doctors to peddle their medication, and all information must be given to the patient up front. Healthcare in 20 years will be highly efficient and empowering. Mental Health will be treated just like any physical injury.


Aaaand. I’d say this is probably a work in progress because it’s nearing bedtime and I’m getting stumped for ideas. I hope you enjoyed this! If you can think of any, please feel free to add them in the comments section below!

Thank you 🙂



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