Learn at Shaw Academy

Learn at Shaw Academy

I must admit that I’m always sceptical when I come across new learning arenas. I have been scammed too many times by this industry. There is a lot of unemployment right now and people wanting to do better with their life, that opportunities like learning a new trade need to be out there. I once had a young gentleman make an appointment with me at home. He came in and sold me the world. I ended up thinking that after my qualification I would be super employable. Then I sheepishly turned to Google and oh, the scam reviews were piling up think and fast. But when I tried to get out of my clause it was a case of, no. Fuck you. pay me.

So when I found out that there was a Photography Course from Shaw Academy For Only $2 available I jumped at the chance to have a little look. $2 seems very small for serious learning. Actually, it didn’t stop there either. There were so many avenues and courses to try for peanuts it was too good not to miss, right? I’ve always wanted to better myself in various ways and I was DEFINITELY down for trying five courses that would cost about $20 in total. That isn’t much right?

Taking that first step into learning and training can be daunting. Especially if you haven’t taken to learning in the last 20-30 years and your memories of classroom teaching is a bitter old woman with a cane and you with a sore bottom. Well rest assured that most people taking the courses with you will be exactly in the same position as you. Adult Learning has been transformed into a empowering and positive environment that exists now. There’s no more caning, and teachers actually care about your success and wellbeing.

Take that step. Go for it.

Here are some of the great deals that you can find yourself signing up for if you decide to learn at shaw academy:

Technically if you were to sign up for every one of these courses you would end up paying no more than 30 dollars. That’s an absolute steal considering the normal price they advertise them at. But don’t hold on too long. I don’t know how long these links will be valid for!

There are also full price courses there. They normally retail between $100 and $400 which is the standard deal for a professionally recognised course. Which all of these are. Every module of my Degree when I did distance learning was priced between $400 and $1000 depending on the difficulty of the course.

The website we have here is absolutely amazing and takes the shape of a regular learning platform with a regular time frame. Courses are divided into sections and start at certain times. Don’t worry if you miss them because you’ll be able to watch the recordings – however you just wont be able to ask questions in class! Asking questions in class is a great learning tool, and you can judge the diverse opinions of your classmates. Learn from them! Each section lasts up to one hour per week or perhaps more depending on how intensive your training is.

It’s really amazing that the modern web has been able to synthesize modern in-classroom training. 20 years ago we would have laughed at this concept but there we are, 20 years later with our distance learning and webcams and webinars. It can be daunting for some, and very awesome for others. Actual accredited courses that will look absolutely awesome on your CV.

Don’t delay. Sign up today! What do you have to lose? $5? That’s nearly the price of a pack of cigarettes! Or a Pint of beer!


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