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I dare say was one of the first online learning portals that I turned my head to. It was back in the day where I had a thirst for all things new and exciting. I couldn’t get enough information in my head fast enough. I’m still like that now but it’s a bit more low key.

So what is Lynda and what should you expect? Well it’s another online learning platform that you can come and go as you please. There are no time limits if you keep up your monthly subscription and you’ll more than likely to get some serious grade tutoring here. It’s harder to be a tutor on Lynda, because there are far more hoops to jump through. I think you may even have to produce your teaching affiliation (but don’t quote me on that)

When you finally go into training you’ll be presented with a YouTube-like video player that will teach you the skills that you need in a do-as-I-do fashion. If you’ve paid for the Premium option then you will have little tutorials to work through that are made as templates for you

Lynda is highly geared towards the technical side of computing and business. Basically anything that uses a computer. But the really nice thing with this platform is that by having a subscription you have access to every tutorial there is. So you can start with total beginner and end up expert on Computer Aided Design, or web applications development. The list is endless.

Subscription is relatively inexpensive too and you can sign up for a weeks free trial. All in all? Worth it for the wealth of material on the platform and the ease in which you can access it. All for a small monthly subscription. I’ve even used it to give me the answers that I needed for the work I was doing at the time. Brilliant!

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