Letter from the Editor: Thank You For Opting In

We thought it would be a longer haul before The Relationship Blogger made the turnaround necessary to financially compensate writers. When Raymond and I set out to transform TRB into a multi-voice platform that paid for content, we had a six month plan. That plan came to fruition in three months.

Largely thanks to the writers who signed on with us from day one, TRB now has an established $200 per month pot. This is twice the opt-in pot we announced. It’s beyond exciting to us that we are paying writers for June with the promised weighted compensation for syndicated contributors who worked with us from launch.

If you’d like more details on submissions and the full updated payment policy (as well as how to claim your portion of the pot, read this post).

Working with writers who believe in your mission is its own reward. Already we are making headway in bringing diversity to the site. We have LGBTQI+ voices , POC voices and pieces on interracial relationships either on the site or upcoming. We want to share more of those voices and experiences alongside the wealth of other artists who have work to share. We are excited about all of you.

I think the gist of this somewhat rambly letter from the editor is that WE ARE EXCITED. Raymond has been making considerable investment in TRB to better showcase those who publish in these pages. Keep living. Keep writing. Keep submitting. I will continue reading and editing you every month.

Thank you for helping us start. Let’s keep going.

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Shawna Ayoub Ainslie

Shawna Ayoub Ainslie is a mental wellness advocate and writing coach in Bloomington, IN. She teaches writing through trauma for release and recovery to survivors and veterans through the Center for Creative Writing, Ivy Tech Community College, and Survive Your Story. Shawna is also The Relationship Blogger's Editor-in-Chief.

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