What #linkyourlife connection means to me

What #linkyourlife connection means to me

It was getting late at night and I was tired. Tired of doing the same old thing day in and day out. I had been maintaining this blog for nearly six months now and for what? Two or three hits from Google perhaps every two days? I was saddened. Saddened that when I had my WordPress blog it only took a few weeks to see lots of visitors from the far ends of the earth. This blog. This was much harder.

I thought to myself that perhaps going this route wasn’t worth it. It was exciting at first and the ambition I had was powerful. To start my own online business. To start MY OWN business. It had been an exciting prospect. I had previously found it hard adhering to orders that I didn’t think were correct. It was my boss’ fault. She taught me to question everything and assume nothing. Yet I found myself questioning her a lot more. I was glad to be out of it.

But the following Months had been plagued with my wife becoming extremely unwell, me having to look after Alex for the entire summer holidays and an impending hysterectomy for the wife in late November. To say the confidence had been spanked right out of me would have been an understatement. I sat there like a wet blanket. Ready to kick it in and get a real job. A real job as everyone would say would be working for an employer again. I was tired of that. I had SO many ideas I wanted to share with the world. But this blog wasn’t kicking off.

Natalie was getting better and I had more time alone with the PC to do my thing. It was good. I was beginning to gain confidence again. I had already branched off onto YouTube and an array of other social media. I was enjoying what I did. But I couldn’t escape the daily kick in the face which would come from observing my visits and views to my blog every day which would be around 15-20 views. I had been doing this for over 6 months on and off and when I had time. I should have more than this. Much more. Yet the facts don’t lie as the stats were screaming at me to give up and call it a day. I was ready to throw in the towel. I doubt anyone will believe me how close I was to doing this.

Then I met Skinny and Single. Well, to be honest, I had been following Ellie for a good few months. I liked what she had to say on things. She seemed to get a trillion comments and a bundle of readers. Her content wasn’t much different to mine. I had stumbled across her site that night just as I was ready to throw in the towel. Her new post had been sent to my email. I needed a laugh right now and I think one of her posts was going to be the medicine my soul needed right now.

I don’t know what brought me to asking her but I did. I messaged her. How the hell do you do it? All those readers and views? I wish, I want, I’m jealous! Funny thing was, she messaged me right back. Almost immediately. Started rolling off a ton of tips and tricks and how to gain more exposure. She even showed me how to dominate on Pinterest. Ah, Ellie. Such a giving lady. Anyway. She doesn’t know it but she saved me that night from throwing in the towel. I was ready to give up. She stopped it.

And she added me to #linkyourlife connection. She said they’d love me in there. I was sceptical because most of the Facebook groups to promote blogs I had been in were ones of grandiose self-serving promotion. This couldn’t be any different. People falling over one another to batter their content out and leaving half arsed comments on my blog without properly reading what I had said. I had enough of that for a lifetime. Why was this group going to be any different?

Yet I could feel the difference in this group as I introduced myself and posted some of my content. People were actually sucking my words in. Reading my entire work and congratulating me on it. I may be lacking in street cred but I can tell if someone has properly digested what I’ve said or not. I’m good at that. Anyway. These people were enjoying what I wrote. It was nice. I was starting to enjoy myself for a change.

OTV was my third website I had guest posted on. I can remember feeling very humbled that I was very new in the area but they had instantly offered me a place on their star magazine. I was beginning to love this place more and more. And this is where I met Shawna.

Meeting Shawna was an absolute game changer for me. She changed my writing from mediocre to what I feel is outstanding. She taught me that sometimes we need to reach the depths of our souls if we want to take our readers there. People won’t understand the true depths of my experiences if I don’t write about them. If I don’t relate to myself then I don’t relate to my reader. She taught me to properly engage my audience. Write like I mean it. I can’t thank her enough really.

Yes, I can imagine all my readers right now sitting there thinking that she sat there with me for hours and hours and hours in some sort of military boot camp style writing class. Actually, it was nothing like that at all. All it took her was to proofread one piece my work. Add in some suggestions and ask me to delve more into the subject I was talking about. See? Some people need just a little nudge in the right direction, others need lots of help. But that doesn’t matter. It’s the destination that counts, not how we get there.

Shawna helps people heal through writing. I was one of the lucky ones to benefit from her experience. I, on the other hand, help people heal through hobbies and work-related activity, or at least that was what my last job was. And this is how I was able to properly take on board what she was getting at. I understood. Our industries were the same, just that our paths to the destination were different.

And from there I literally can’t tell you how much I’ve actually enjoyed writing in #linkyourlife connection. I’m topping two posts a day on a not so good day and doing much more. Which three months ago I could barely push one out twice a week if I was lucky. The feedback has been awesome. I’ve enjoyed every minute of #linkyourlife and I’m absolutely sure there are many more fun times to be had.

It’s not just reflected in my attitude either, I’ve gone from hitting 2-5 hits from Google every two or three days to hitting 40-50 unique visits each day and I’m only a month and a bit into my renewed passion. Can you imagine what 6 months down the line holds for me? I can’t. But I’ll tell you what…

I’m excited!

Really excited!

So you see. #linkyourlife connection has changed my life, again. I’ve renewed my love for writing and my faith in what I’m doing. That place has a permanent member.

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Raymond is a Mental Health activist and cryptocurrency enthusiast. He fuels his activism by taking to the web and trying to create core change in the way people interact. As an ex-Community​ Manager, Raymond has a unique approach to communication and relationships and believes the way forward in life is improving the interactions between one another. Raymond started his blogging activities as a way to heal from a chequered past, and through this, his blog has become something far more empowering than he ever imagined. And thus, The Relationship Blogger Magazine was born.

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