Make money from home online

Make money from home online

I feel I haven’t given this place much airtime when I really should be giving it lots. Because I’m a homeworker, and yes, I make money from here. It all started when I lost my job due to redundancies and I was frantically searching for new places to lend my skills to. I came across this University called Wealthy Affiliate. And like any other place it told me that I could make money from home online. Sceptical was I, yet there was a free account that could be made so I signed up. Can’t really complain at free now can I?

The greatest and nicest thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that with even a free account I could network with and talk to people that were making thousands per month, from home, and online. Obviously none of this guy with the Mercedes throwing $100 bills with two big boobed women on each arm. Actually, you’ll find that the ones that do succeed are quite the opposite.

Anyway, the free account allowed me to learn and talk with some amazing individuals and get on with some basic training which took me through the basics of starting a website. It was really good. But what I needed to keep in my mind that this was a university, and like at any other university if I work hard at it there will be results.

And I learned SO much from there. Training that would cost thousands and thousands anywhere else. Because Wealthy Affiliate rewards its users for creating and delivering training to its users. So it’s really a win, win situation. Probably one of the best places to make money from home online would be this place.

I’d also recommend taking up a Premium account because it’s only $19 for the first month and that gives you the option to have a look around and see if you like it or not. I mean some people just can’t make the time commitments, or they need money NOW.

And that’s fine. At Wealthy Affiliate, it teaches you the long game. How to successfully captivate an audience, how to write beautifully and how to generate a lovely bill of sales if done correctly. Hey. I’m not trying to scam you here. If you sign up you’ll see me there too. And I’ll be there to answer all your questions, and so will people far more prolific than me.

I’ll say it again. The best thing about this place is that it’s a University and it teaches you how to be successful with no gimmicks or flashy new exhausts or anything like that. It’s pure learning and connecting. A really good place be. I’ve found my home finally!

Make money from home online
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